Volunteer Reviewers FAQs

When can I apply to be a reviewer?
Applications are currently being accepted for all the program areas identified. Apply now for any of these areas. You can apply for more than one area.

How many applications will I review?
Volunteer reviewers will be assigned to review teams led by The Children's Trust staff. Each team is expected to review five applications. You may choose to be on more than one team.

"My favorite part was learning about the incredible programming being offered to the children of Miami-Dade County"Will there be training about how to do an application review?
Yes; training is required. Specific training dates and times will be posted on the website's calendar. You will also receive a personal invitation if you are selected as a reviewer.

How long can I expect it to take to review an application?
An application review includes reading, understanding, and entering scores and comments in the online system. This is estimated to take on average 3-5 hours per application.

How long will I have to review the applications?
Review periods are two weeks, with some initiatives having multiple review periods.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for the reviews?
Sure. You can review the RFP, which is available in the Grant Opportunities page. The materials include the review tool that will be used for scoring.

What happens after the reviews are finished?
At the end of the review period, team members will have a required/mandatory debriefing meeting to compare their scores and ensure that all scores and comments are completely justified. The debriefing is a public meeting; applicants or other interested parties may attend but not participate in the meeting.

Reviewer TestimonialWhat happens after the debriefing meeting?
Following the debriefing meeting, The Children's Trust executive staff conducts a final review and makes recommendations of awards to the board of directors.

Do I need to have any expertise to be a reviewer?
Expertise is not required. However, an attempt may be made to match you with your areas of interest or experience.

Do reviewers receive any compensation?
We cannot offer monetary compensation, but for those needing it, we can offer community service hours/certificates. Moreover, you will have the satisfaction of being part of selecting high-quality programs that serve your community.

Can I have someone help me with my reviews?
No; these are independent reviews. The solicitation process, including the review, is subject to a Cone of Silence, in accordance with Section 2-11.1(s) of the Code of Miami-Dade County. More information can be found in the RFP.

Can applicants also review applications?
An applicant can review, but not in the same area for which s/he applied. If you are an applicant, you will have to complete a conflict of interest form prior to starting the process. Applications in each area will be independently assessed and rated, so applicants for one area may feel free to be a volunteer reviewer for a different area.

Are college students eligible to review?
Graduate level students are eligible to review.

Can I get community service hours?
Yes, reviewers can receive community service hours.


If you'd like to be notified when more details become available, please email reviewers@thechildrenstrust.org.