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Miami-Dade Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

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Miami-Dade Grade Level Reading (MDGLR) is a coalition of community members comprised of agencies, organizations, providers, institutions and individuals, hosted by The Children’s Trust, that meets regularly with the goal of elevating literacy for all Miami-Dade County’s children. The collaborative meets every other month to leverage resources, expand community partnerships, increase supports for infant through third grade literacy efforts before, during and after school hours. The campaign is comprised of three committees, School Readiness, Summer Slide & Afterschool, Attendance and Health, to ensure every partner has a seat at the table.


Participate in the MDGLR Campaign questionnaire to further understand the literacy landscape of Miami-Dade. The Campaign partners are innovative and have created a school readiness home literacy toolkit as well as the annual Summer Battle of the Books competition to encourage a love of reading throughout the summer months when learning loss can be substantial.

To participate in the next MDGLR Campaign meeting, check the community calendar for the date and time.

The MDGLR campaign partners have created a questionnaire to further understand the literacy landscape of the county, whether programming is focused on awareness raising, behavior changing, intervention or prevention. The Campaign partners are innovative and have created a School Readiness Toolkit as well as an Annual Summer Book Battle to encourage a love of reading throughout the summer months when learning loss can be substantial. 
For optimal brain development, several factors must be present in the life of all children, including children with diverse abilities: a responsive and nurturing caregiver, the use of rich language, play and good nutrition. As a collaborative we are eager to encourage community agencies, leaders and families to intentionally work together toward achieving a child's full potential including a readiness to learn upon entering kindergarten. 
Join the Campaign by completing this questionnaire that will help to better define the literacy landscape of Miami-Dade.


  • 2012 Pacesetter Honors - Read to Learn
  • 2020 Pacesetter Honors - Summer and Afterschool
  • 2019 Pacesetter Honors - Meeting Fiscal Challenges

“As a former teacher, administrator, Assistant Superintendent and School Board member, Mari Tere Rojas’ focus on early childhood has always been close to her heart. Therefore, she truly appreciates what your committees are doing to train the parents to effectively read and engage in literacy activities with their children.”
- Milagros Hernandez Ed.D., Office of Mari Tere Rojas, School Board Member, District 6, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

“Joining the Miami Dade GLR Campaign has given an opportunity to collaborate with a knowledgeable group who inform my own knowledge of the needs and approaches to addressing the needs of parents of children 0-5 years old.”
- Nadeige Theresias-Joisil, Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center

“Miami-Dade Public Library System’s partnership with the MDGLR has helped us spread the word about MDPLS initiatives. It was particularly crucial during the pandemic. Working on the School Readiness Committee to develop the toolkit has been inspiring. The dedication and enthusiasm of other organizations and committee members focusing on the needs of children and parents has been gratifying.”
-Jennifer Shipley, Library Operations Manager, Miami Dade Public Library System

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