A woman reads to her young daughter.

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The new and expanded The Children’s Trust Book Club is officially launching in July and making it easier than ever for Miami-Dade's youngest children to read with their families.

A service provider hands a protective mask to a resident.

As the realization that the coronavirus would spread to all corners of Miami-Dade County dawned on residents, an overriding fear spread faster than COVID-19 among those who work with children and families.

A young girl shows a sign of thanks to the Five Dollar Project.

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If ever there was a time for our youth to be fixated on their own problems and put aside any suffering in other parts of the world, this would likely be it. The United States is leading the world in terms of cases and deaths from COVID-19.

A father and son practice soccer inside the home.

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Remember Inter Miami CF, the new professional soccer team that had just started its inaugural season before the coronavirus pandemic hit and put a halt to all the fun and games?

Dancers from the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet take part in a performance.

Courtesy Thomas Armour Youth Ballet

Things are moving fast at Thomas Armour Ballet, and we don’t only mean the dance classes. 

A young girl auditions during the 2020 Young Talent Big Dreams competition.

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Among the far reaching and most negative aspects of the current coronavirus pandemic is that it has put so many important life events on hold for our youth. High school graduations, spring break and summer trips, and even getting together with friends have all been suspended.

A telephone operator listens intently on a headset.


In times of crisis, information is critical. But while the media, both traditional social, are in a 24-hour news cycle that is providing an endless stream of information, there is often little reliable information on everyday critical needs and resources in our own neighborhoods. 

Rows of bagged lunches for students.


The only constant is change. The new realities of our world have made the old axiom abundantly clear. Everything has changed and every individual must look at his or her behavior to figure out how they will have to change to come to grips with those realities.