Typically-abled boy passes basketball to special needs boy in a walker on a basketball court

Children with Disabilities

The Children’s Trust makes a significant commitment to include children with disabilities – and youth with disabilities up to age 22 if still in high school – in all its funded programs and services. In support of that effort, we fund All Children Together (ACT), a capacity-building resource network that educates and supports all funded agencies in appropriately providing services that meet the needs of children with disabilities. As a result, thousands of children with reported disabilities were served through various initiatives in inclusive environments with their typically developing peers, which studies show reaps benefits for all.

All Children Together provides training and technical assistance to organizations with little experience incorporating children with disabilities into their programs. Workshops and training are offered to those programs that have historically served children with disabilities exclusively as well.

The Children’s Trust also funds Parent to Parent of Miami, which teaches parents to become better advocates for their children with special needs so they can better access services and systems of care.

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The Children’s Trust envisions the acceptance of children with disabilities into all aspects of life, and a community where all children have equal access to needed supports and services. If you are the parent or guardian of a child with disabilities who has been denied access to or whose needs are not being met by a Trust-funded after-school program or summer camp, please contact The Advocacy Network on Disabilities helpline at 786.360.3507.