The purchase of goods and services and the award of grants shall be made in compliance with The Children's Trust Procurement Policy (7/20/20, pdf), applicable state statutes, The Children's Trust Conflict of Interest policy and applicable portions of the Miami-Dade County Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Ordinance (§2-11.1 of Miami-Dade County Code) and the State of Florida's Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees (Chapter 112, Part III Florida Statutes.)

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Reach Out and Read Single Source

The Children’s Trust seeks to procure the services of one agency to implement the Reach Out and Read (ROR) program as following: 

The national evidence-based program Reach Out and Read (ROR). The ROR model promotes early literacy and school readiness strategies within pediatric offices by giving new books to children and advice to parents from their doctors about the importance of reading aloud with young children. The program builds on the unique relationship between parents and medical providers to develop critical early reading skills in children beginning at infancy. Families participating in ROR have been found to read together more often and their children enter kindergarten better prepared to succeed, with larger vocabularies, stronger language skills and a three-to-six month developmental edge over their peers. This evidence and more is referenced on the ROR website.

For programmatic solicitations, please visit the Grants section of this website.



Effective January 1, 2021, section 448.095(e) of the Florida Statutes requires all public employers, contractors and subcontractors, including The Children’s Trust providers, to use the E-Verify system to establish the authorization of new employees, including all new subcontractors and professional services consultants, to work in this country. Providers must also obtain and keep an affidavit from its subcontractors affirming that the subcontractors do not employ, contract or subcontract with any individuals who are not authorized to work in the US.

Providers who have been found to violate the statute will have their agreement or contract terminated, and not renewed for at least a year, per Florida Statutes. If a provider’s subcontractor has violated the statute, the provider must immediately terminate the subcontractor.

The E-Verify system is Internet-based and operated by the Department of Homeland Security that verifies the employment eligibility of employees. For more information on E-Verify and 448.095(e), F.S. (2020), click here.