The purchase of goods and services and the award of grants shall be made in compliance with The Children's Trust Procurement Policy (7/20/20, pdf), applicable state statutes, The Children's Trust Conflict of Interest policy and applicable portions of the Miami-Dade County Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Ordinance (§2-11.1 of Miami-Dade County Code) and the State of Florida's Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees (Chapter 112, Part III Florida Statutes.)

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Operational Solicitations

Call for Research & Evaluation Consultant

The Children’s Trust seeks research and evaluation consulting services in support of our youth development after-school and summer program evaluation. A primary focus will be in support of, but not exclusively focused on, the evaluation of the innovative approach to support summer learning implemented by The Children’s Trust in partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and funded by the Helios Education Foundation (Oct 2021 – Sept 2024) through the Florida Association of Children’s Councils and Trusts (FACCT).

  • Release Date: Thursday, April 7
  • Closing Date: Sunday, May 8

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Research & Evaluation Services

As part of our funding requirements, The Children’s Trust collects and analyzes extensive data relating to the demographics and attendance of the people served, the quality of programs delivered, and the outcomes achieved by program participants. This solicitation seeks to incorporate additional rapid cycle feedback from potential and existing service users. The goals are to strengthen our ability to assess the needs and interests of potential recipients as we plan for future program investments, as well as to incorporate the input and satisfaction from current service recipients to support program providers’ continuous learning and quality improvement.

This competitive solicitation seeks to identify one or more agencies with demonstrated expertise to provide research and evaluation services to assess participant needs, input and satisfaction regarding The Children’s Trust funded programs. The anticipated contract period is May 2022 through September 2023 (17 months).


Effective January 1, 2021, section 448.095(e) of the Florida Statutes requires all public employers, contractors and subcontractors, including The Children’s Trust providers, to use the E-Verify system to establish the authorization of new employees, including all new subcontractors and professional services consultants, to work in this country. Providers must also obtain and keep an affidavit from its subcontractors affirming that the subcontractors do not employ, contract or subcontract with any individuals who are not authorized to work in the US.

Providers who have been found to violate the statute will have their agreement or contract terminated, and not renewed for at least a year, per Florida Statutes. If a provider’s subcontractor has violated the statute, the provider must immediately terminate the subcontractor.

The E-Verify system is Internet-based and operated by the Department of Homeland Security that verifies the employment eligibility of employees. For more information on E-Verify and 448.095(e), F.S. (2020), click here.