Training & Professional Development


  • Supports for quality program implementation & fiscal/administrative functions
  • Program evaluation & community research
  • Innovation Fund to pilot new strategies, methods, instruments and partnerships

Program and professional development for funded provider agencies consists of training and coaching opportunities offered through Trust-funded agencies, and through coaching offered through contract managers based on Metrics results with Growth Planning. The Children’s Trust also offers special event professional development options and trainings directly.

Training Attendance Expectations

Providers funded to conduct training and coaching:

Online Resurces
Visit our IT Provider Support Channel on YouTube for helpful tutorials.

Class Size Limits
Training classes offered by The Children's Trust are normally limited to a certain number of participants. Please see each provider’s registration system for further instructions.

If you have registered for training, your seat will be held for up to 15 minutes after the class has started. Once that time has passed your seat may be given to someone on the waitlist or to a person who has registered on-site. Once that 15 minutes time has passed, it is up to the trainer or registration staff if you may be admitted if room allows. Training credit is also granted at the discretion of the trainer or registration staff.

Training Attendance
If you register for a training and cannot attend for any reason please contact the training provider. Your slot may be given to someone who has waitlisted or registers on-site.

Training Cancellations
You will be notified by email of all training cancellations.

Training Classes
Some training classes are restricted to participation by only staff who are employed by Trust-funded agencies. Please check with the training provider. Please visit our calendar for trainings provided directly by The Children's Trust.

Coaching is provided only to Trust-funded agencies. Please contact the agencies listed above for more information.

To view events, visit the calendar or Trust Academy.