Public Awareness

Public Awareness

The Children’s Trust leaves no stone unturned in reaching parents, caregivers and residents across Miami-Dade to let them know how to access the initiatives, programs and services they may need most. With technology becoming the fastest growing method of disseminating information, website program search tool and social media pages are the most effective and fastest ways to find what you’re looking for and stay connected to The Children’s Trust.

Likewise, our Miami Heart Gallery website serves as an invaluable way for people considering adoption to meet children and youth in Miami-Dade’s foster care system who are interested in being matched to forever families.

Word of available initiatives, programs and services is also spread via appearances on local TV and radio news shows, newsletters like Parenting Our Children and Facebook Live chats.

Holding, attending and sponsoring community events allows us to connect with many people one-on-one. Community outreach and event sponsorship requests are considered through a simple online grant process. Keeping up with all the events we are holding or involved in is as simple as visiting our community calendar. For those who would like The Children’s Trust to distribute information about programs and services at their event, a simple online request form puts the wheels in motion to activate a Trust street team.

Our broadcast campaigns are a comprehensive and visual approach to educating the community about everything we have to offer. The following is a sample of our promotional efforts: