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Participant Forms & Incident Reporting
  • Incident Report Form
  • Consent for Video and Photography
    These documents have moved to the Communications page.
  • Child/Youth Participant Form Updated!
    This form shows the required demographics that must be reported to The Trust for programs serving children/youth directly. Programs may use this form as is, add your own logo, or combine these elements with other agency forms in use. It is provided in Word format to allow such edits. Please ensure that the text about The Children's Trust at the bottom of page 2, along with the parent permission statement and signature, are included in your program registration materials. Also, always be sensitive to privacy protections and ensure completed hard copies are securely stored at all times.  
    Note: FNSP Providers please reach out to your program manager for the updated forms that pertain to your initiative. (Updated 9/20/2022) 
    English, Spanish, Creole 
  • Adult Participant Form Updated!
    English, Spanish, Creole 
  • Optional Getting to Know Me Form
    You may choose to use these forms to gather additional information about children and youth served with special needs. This information is intended to better serve participants and it does not get reported to The Trust.
Background Checks & Affidavit of Good Moral Character
Children with Disabilities and other Priority Populations
Program Quality
At-a-Glace Timelines

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