Champions for Children Program Book

Trim Size: 6” x 9”

2-Page Spread - $800
12” x 9” (72 picas x 54 picas) Horizontal. Add 1/8” (or 1 pica) bleed all four sides
Do not place important content within .25” of gutter

Full-Page - $500
Non-Bleed: 5” x 8” (30 picas x 48 picas) Vertical
Bleed: 6” x 9” (36 picas x 54 picas). Add 1/8” (or 1 pica) bleed all four sides

Half-Page - $300
Non-Bleed ONLY: 5” x 3.92” (30 picas x 23.5 picas) Horizontal ONLY

ALL ads are to be submitted as 300 DPI CMYK.

Acceptable formats (in order of preference): High-res PDF (all fonts embedded or converted to paths); EPS; native Adobe Illustrator CC 2022 or below (all fonts MUST be converted to paths); TIFF; JPEG

Native Microsoft Word or Publisher files are NOT acceptable. Ads created in Word or Publisher must be converted to PDF.

Make a Payment

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