The Children’s Trust Invests in 16 Small Community-Based Organizations

The two-year capacity-building initiative strives to foster growth and sustainability through comprehensive organizational development support.

The Children's Trust is proud to announce a strategic investment in 16 Miami-Dade small Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to participate in a capacity-building initiative that will help them grow, deliver high-quality services and achieve a more substantial impact in the communities that they serve. The capacity-building program is funded through a Trust grant totaling almost $1.2 million over two years. It will be administered by The Trust's professional development program, Trust Academy, in collaboration with The Pontis Group, a contracted partner. 

"The Children’s Trust recognizes the vital role played by small Community-Based Organizations in meeting the needs of our community," said President & CEO James R. Haj. “Through this investment, we aim to equip these organizations with the skills and resources necessary to deliver high-quality services, practice sound management and foster community engagement. By empowering these CBOs, we are ultimately enhancing the well-being of children and families throughout Miami-Dade County.”

Through a competitive solicitation process, these organizations demonstrated their community and capacity-building needs, as well as their interest and ability to participate in this transformative program. Their services for children and families are extensive, encompassing reading intervention programs, career upskilling initiatives, nutrition education, and agricultural teaching camps, among other valuable resources. 

“This grant empowers us to expand our capacity, to help us move to the next level as an organization. This will enable us to do even more to ensure equitable access to high-quality reading instruction and intervention for youth, and provide training to educators. This paves the way for a brighter and more promising future for all,” said Sandra Bermudez, CEO of The Lucy Project and Small CBO grant recipient.

The capacity-building program will prioritize the following areas of development for the participating CBOs: board development and executive leadership, strategic planning, resource development and fundraising, effective management of people, program quality, community engagement, communications, and fiscal capacity building. Participating organizations will receive individualized support, enabling them to strengthen their infrastructure, develop their staff, volunteers, and boards, and enhance their administrative functioning. 

“We are honored to receive this invaluable support, which further strengthens our longstanding mission of nurturing youth leadership development within our communities. At Miami Youth Garden, we are committed to providing children with transformative experiences that lay the foundation for future leaders,” expressed Pastor Joaquin Willis, Miami Youth Garden program lead and grant recipient. 

The capacity-building initiative will offer training, on-site coaching, networking opportunities and resources for marketing, and fund development activities. Additionally, the activities will also incorporate leadership development and the cultivation of adaptive capacities to ensure sustained success.

The 16 small Community-Based Organizations recommended for funding are listed below:

  • 300 Letters, Inc.
  • Association of Exchange and Development of Activities and Partnership (AEDAP)
  • Avenues of Excellence, Inc.
  • EatWell Exchange, Inc.
  • Father and Family Council, Inc.
  • Friends of South Florida Music, Inc.
  • MagicWaste Youth Foundation, Inc.
  • Miami Youth Garden, Inc.
  • MoonlighterFabLab, Inc.
  • Parks Foundation, Inc.
  • Safe Schools South Florida
  • The Children's Voice Chorus, Inc.
  • The Lucy Project, Inc.
  • The Mavuno Project, Inc.
  • The START Program, Inc.
  • Women Voice Network, Inc.

Media Contact: 
Natalia Zea
Chief Public Policy & Community Engagement Officer, The Children’s Trust