An early learning teacher talks to a group of children surrounding her at a table.


After suffering through many of the challenges of COVID-19 over more than 15 months, children and families in Miami-Dade County received a much-needed boost from Tallahassee this year with news that several bills passed the legislature that will have direct impacts on improving their lives.

Miami Diaper Bank staff and volunteers ready to distribute diapers.

Miami Diaper Bank

In April of last year, when the country’s collective panic over the pandemic started to hit its high, countless headlines pointed out the troubling and perplexing disappearance of toilet paper from practically all retail shelves.

African-American children build a mini ferris wheel during summer camp.

The Children's Trust

Getting and keeping your kids on track academically has always been a challenge. Throw in a worldwide pandemic and a wholesale move to virtual learning for more than a year and the desperation for our kids to go back to school to reconnect with traditional learning is strong.

Battle of the Books coming in summer 2021.


Reading during summertime! You can practically hear your children groan at the mere thought. Of course, once they get started on a good book, all reservations vanish faster than a dozen donuts left alone in the office kitchen.

Magdala Chery and son Jonathan-David Chery enjoy a Box Joy package.

Photo courtesy of Nakia Bowling

Remember waiting for something special via mail when you were a child, the thrill of watching for your postal worker or opening your mailbox to see if it arrived. The joyful anticipation of the package often felt better than gratification that came from whatever you were waiting for.

A father prepares a meal with his children.


So much of a parent and child’s everyday routines help develop and ready them for a successful life, but a lot of that comes without either of them thinking about it.

Student interns work under the supervision of The Children's Trust staff.

The Children’s Trust

Parents often have a hard time keeping their kids busy, and out of trouble, during the summer months. Just keeping their kids engaged can be hard enough, but finding something productive for them to do can feel like hoping for a miracle.

Morris Copeland was named David Lawrence Jr. Champion for Children honoree in 2020.

The Children's Trust

Growing up in Liberty City, Morris Copeland saw firsthand the challenges facing Black youth in the inner city and the difficulties sidestepping trouble on the way to adulthood.