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Remember waiting for something special via mail when you were a child, the thrill of watching for your postal worker or opening your mailbox to see if it arrived. The joyful anticipation of the

There were magic shows, musical performances, wild animals, and, of course, plenty of resources and information for families as the 2021 Childrens Trust Family Expo Pop-Up Series debuted on Saturday,

For children struggling with their literacy in the midst of the pandemic, what better way to spend the summer than reading to compete in a fun, engaging and literary challenging event than the Battle

Among the endless cancellations and suspensions that fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 was The Childrens Trust annual Family Expo. Just when the community could have most used the

Have you thought about what school is going to be like when kids return to in-person schooling at the end of summer? (We hope so!) Then you know youll also have to plan for what they are doing after

After suffering through many of the challenges of COVID-19 over more than 15 months, children and families in Miami-Dade County received a much-needed boost from Tallahassee this year with news that

The summer is here and while children are looking to have fun, relax and generally avoid responsibilities for two months or more, parents know that this summer needs to be different. With COVID-19

Getting and keeping your kids on track academically has always been a challenge. Throw in a worldwide pandemic and a wholesale move to virtual learning for more than a year and the desperation for our

In April of last year, when the countrys collective panic over the pandemic started to hit its high, countless headlines pointed out the troubling and perplexing disappearance of toilet paper from

Reading during summertime! You can practically hear your children groan at the mere thought. Of course, once they get started on a good book, all reservations vanish faster than a dozen donuts left

So much of a parent and childs everyday routines help develop and ready them for a successful life, but a lot of that comes without either of them thinking about it. When a parent or caregiver

Parents often have a hard time keeping their kids busy, and out of trouble, during the summer months. Just keeping their kids engaged can be hard enough, but finding something productive for them to

March means one thing in Tallahassee; the start of the legislative session for the State of Florida. In Miami-Dade, The Childrens Trust always advocates for legislative goals and priorities that

Growing up in Liberty City, Morris Copeland saw firsthand the challenges facing Black youth in the inner city and the difficulties sidestepping trouble on the way to adulthood. Even with supportive

2020 has taught us resiliency and adaptability to pivot to the needs of our community as we cope with a new normal.  Since March of 2020, The Children's Trust has remained fully operational,

A year ago at this time, South Florida was preparing for the Super Bowl and, unfortunately, the rise of sex trafficking that often accompanies large events in Miami. Local and national attention

For more than a quarter of a century, the not-for-profit organization Be Strong International has helped children and parents improve their relationships through a variety of programs and

Wednesday, January, 27, 9:30 a.m.Miami-Dade officials concerned about spread of Brazilian strain of COVID-19. Read more here.Thursday, January 14, 10 a.m.Ready or not: Miami-Dade County School Board

Our needs dont go away during a pandemic – they increase. That is especially true for children in Miami-Dade County who are currently in the foster care system. With November being National Adoption

By now you know that 2020 is the year of the US Census. And although the push to get everyone in the country counted has been massive, there are still some misconceptions about the nationwide endeavor

Celebrating its 11th year, the Spooky Symphony will move online to deliver unforgettable performances of the most beautiful scary music ever written, without the real life angst of having to crowd

As much of the country has been swept up in turmoil and upheaval due to racial and social tensions during the summer and continuing to the present, The Childrens Trust has refused to shy away

When most of us were trying to figure out how to break a particularly intense case of summer blues – thanks COVID-19! – a group of young Miamians was busy making inroads to a successful

Two months into the 2020 hurricane season and many of us still have not made the necessary preparations to be ready for a storm. The recent spike in coronavirus cases and other unprecedented issues

Over 800 individuals participated in the Battle of the Books hosted by the partners of the Miami Dade Grade Level Reading Campaign in July. After preparing for more than a month by visiting

The new and expanded The Childrens Trust Book Club is officially launching in July and making it easier than ever for Miami-Dade's youngest children to read with their families.So what's new and

As the realization that the coronavirus would spread to all corners of Miami-Dade County dawned on residents, an overriding fear spread faster than COVID-19 among those who work with children and

Remember Inter Miami CF, the new professional soccer team that had just started its inaugural season before the coronavirus pandemic hit and put a halt to all the fun and games? Like the rest of us,

If ever there was a time for our youth to be fixated on their own problems and put aside any suffering in other parts of the world, this would likely be it. The United States is leading the world

Things are moving fast at Thomas Armour Ballet, and we dont only mean the dance classes. Since mid-March, the dance program that has operated four school outreach programs located in lower income

In times of crisis, information is critical. But while the media, both traditional social, are in a 24-hour news cycle that is providing an endless stream of information, there is often little

Among the far reaching and most negative aspects of the current coronavirus pandemic is that it has put so many important life events on hold for our youth. High school graduations, spring break and

As a packed house enjoyed Mama Mia on the Mainstage at Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theater on a late January Sunday, there was even more precocious talent on display upstairs in the Childrens

More than ever, our understanding of living a fulfilling and rewarding life points us to the importance of how we perceive ourselves and those around us. Are we empathetic? How do we deal with our

Keeping our children away from exposure to Coronavirus will be every parents top priority for the foreseeable future. But exclusively focusing on the physical would be a mistake. The mental toll the

The only constant is change. The new realities of our world have made the old axiom abundantly clear. Everything has changed and every individual must look at his or her behavior to figure out how

 Hearing that somebody puts several dead black boys in their pocket every day, along with his keys and wallet, before leaving the house is jarring. But then again, that was the point of the first

This upcoming Valentine Day, before you cozy up to your mate during a special night out, The Childrens Trust and the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe County invites you to

Coming soon to a small screen near you – a telenovela that helps you learn how to be a better parent or caregiver!Actually, thats already aired on Univision, but thanks to a new partnership with The

Florida ranks second in the United States in the number of human trafficking victims. The illegal industry that sells children and sex horrifically generates $32 billion worldwide, and with the Super

The 10th year of the foremost youth talent show for Miamis up-and-coming stars is officially underway as auditions open for the 2020 Young Talent Big Dreams competition on November 1. As always,

The 10th Annual Spooky Symphony delivered on its promise of the producing some of the most beautiful scary music you will ever hear at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium on Sunday, Oct. 27. For an hour

If the September 19 The Childrens Trust Provider Meeting at the University of Miami was your first such event, boy did you luck out! There was singing, dancing, a Miami history lesson, a communication

Until the day he passed away, Gustavo Gus Barreiro carried his green card in his wallet. He didnt have to – having immigrated to the United States 55 years ago and becoming a citizen not

A mammoth hurricane is targeting South Florida in the next couple of days. Grocery stores are emptying out, gas station lines are piling up and general anxiety is spiking. Don't lose your

Explore the world, make new friends and discover something about yourself you never, ever expected. The power to do all of these things and more can be found in the extraordinary magic of books, and

Explore the world, make new friends and discover something about yourself you never, ever expected. The power to do all of these things and more can be found in the extraordinary magic of books, and

Explore the world, make new friends and discover something about yourself you never, ever expected. The power to do all of these things and more can be found in the extraordinary magic of books, and

A collaborative initiative of The Childrens Trust and Actors Playhouse, Young Talent Big Dreams (YTBD) was created to inspire kids ages 8-17 to showcase their unique gifts and vie for a chance to win

For the past eight years, budding performers ages 8 to 17 years old have been given the rare opportunity to take the stage and share their special talent in numerous theatres around Miami-Dade County.

Our hearts are breaking for all of those affected by the mass shooting at Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. In light of that unspeakable horror, we are again sharing an article

Teacher, escape hatch, best friend. Books – wonderful, mystical, life-changing books – can be all of those things, and our 2017 Top 12 list of titles for kids is a great way to share the magic with

Separation anxiety – the fear children feel when they have to be away from parents or home for the first time – is a normal developmental stage for most, and kids can have those feelings of

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best – its a phrase familiar to most Floridians, whether youre an old hand at hurricane prep or getting ready for your first (potential) one.To help keep South

As parents and caregivers, we do our best to shield our children from anxiety, pain, fear and disappointment. But when a big bad like Irma comes along, kids need more than the usual reassurances to