Parenting Our Children

Little girl cools off by drinking from sprinkler.

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South Florida summers positively sizzle, and with children spending more time outdoors during the lazy, hazy days of the season, it’s important to remember to keep them protected from the heat. So, before they head out, make sure to:

A boy and his mother enjoy activities aboard a Brightline train.

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Take a mini “vacay” with day trips and excursions that won’t break the bank! 

Parents playing video game with their daughter.


By now, unless you’re a total Fortnite noob, nub, or newbie (as newcomers to the wildly-popular video game are called by gamers), most parents know about the first-person shooter game that takes up so much of our children’s collective attention.

Smiling dad holding up daughter


What makes a good father?

He shows you how to show love; he uses kind words, he shows compassion, he shows you how to be thankful and happy. He tells the truth and shows you how to help each other.
Isaiah, 9

Charred Summer Salad

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This spicy summer salad is topped with popcorn for a crunch like croutons.


Happy dad and sons outdoors.

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A father’s involvement can go a long way toward contributing to a child's social and academic development.

Mom applying sunscreen on young daughter.

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Sunny days are an almost year-round thing in South Florida, but the summer months bring more time spent outdoors – and a greater risk of exposing children to harmful rays. Here’s how to minimize the danger: 

Mother and daughter laying on the grass.


What do mothers do to make children happy?

My mother makes me happy when we go to the Miami Seaquarium. I see fish and sharks!
- Emillano, 6

They take you out when you’re bored and help you with stuff you don’t know.
- Tangie, 10