Parenting Our Children

A mom and daughter practice yoga.


So much for the new normal! It looks like we are going back to the abnormal with spiking COVID-19 cases in Florida, and Miami-Dade in particular, putting reopenings on hold or even back some. That means a return to home stays – did we ever leave?

Mother and daughter look outside during the pandemic.


It’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t faced some significant change of life during the coronavirus pandemic, especially parents.

Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn


With a backdrop of consistent daily protests and demonstrations across the country, The Children’s Trust held a special meeting bringing together board members and staff to talk about the painful and damaging effects of racism and social inequity on children and what role The Trust can play in ma

Different races protest together.

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The most volatile year of our lives, just got even more flammable.

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Families in Miami-Dade County who struggled through the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic – through the school and business closures, stimulus and small business loan delays, and general claustrophobia of being stuck at home – with few, if any, options to get out the real world, now

Two sisters collect toilet paper from store during coronavirus pandemic.


It’s the only thing anybody is really talking about these days. When should the country reopen? And by extension, when does my state, county, city and neighborhood reopen? But while all those questions are legitimate and often controversial, for parents the real question is more granular.

Parents ready for an online class.


Our new coronavirus realities have stripped us, at least temporarily, of many of the “go to” activities that made us understanding and supportive parents. Taking the kids out to get ice cream after a hard week is no longer possible.

A young child looks longingly out the window during coronavirus pandemic.


Two months into the life altering coronavirus pandemic that has swept through our country, the full impact it will have on our lives is still unknown.