Parenting Our Children

Scowling little boy.


Jeanne Muchnick / September 11, 2018

What do you do when your son or daughter makes friends with someone you think is a bad influence?

A happy family celebrating their children.


Beryl Meyer / September 11, 2018

Take our quick quiz to discover your parenting style and how your answers can help your approach. 

Exhausted, yawning woman.


Katelin Walling / September 11, 2018

Your kids left their shoes in the middle of the hallway and your first reaction is to lose your cool and yell at them. You’re pulling away from your partner because you feel like they aren’t doing their fair share of household chores.

Happy mom and dad speaking to their baby.

Monkey Business/

Beryl Meyer / August 07, 2018

Did you know that the simple act of conversing with your young child will be one of the single most influential factors in their language skills down the road?

Illustration of three children’s bandage-wrapped fingers.

Lorelyn Medina/

Beryl Meyer / August 07, 2018

Be proactive. Follow these what-to-pack guidelines, just in case…

Little girl playing soccer.


Jeanne Muchnick / August 07, 2018

Children suffering from sports-related injuries – and those due to other physically challenging activities, like dance – are more common than you might think.

Happy children running through a school hallway.

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Beryl Meyer / August 07, 2018

As summer break draws to a close, parents and kids across Miami-Dade are busy checking off boxes on their back-to-school lists. But often missing among the entries of notebooks, pencils, rulers and backpacks are all-important strategies for success.

Happy mutigenerational family enjoying a meal.


Beryl Meyer / July 06, 2018

It’s become a summer pastime for many families: gathering relatives near and far to barbecue or picnic, reconnect and catch up on each others’ lives. Together-time across generations is not only for sharing stories of growing up, but also for teaching your children the value of kin.