Parenting Our Children

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Beryl Meyer / May 04, 2018

Diversity’s a huge part of what makes this country so great and learning more about our neighbors can only make us stronger as a nation. Given the many different people and cultures that call Miami home, we’re in a particularly good place to do that!

Michelle Obama

Gregory Reed

Beryl Meyer / May 04, 2018

Issues around discipline, socializing, sibling rivalry and decision-making – what would Michelle Obama or Salma Hayek do? We look to women who’ve raised their children in and out of the spotlight for the parenting lessons they’ve learned help keep it all together!

Happy mom being kissed on either cheek by her children


Heidi Smith Luedtke, Ph.D. / May 04, 2018

This Mother’s Day, millions of moms can expect handwritten cards, proudly presented bouquets and maybe even breakfast in bed – but being a mom isn’t always hearts and flowers.

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/ May 04, 2018

With school ending in just weeks, the question looms: How will you keep your children busy? Camp could be the perfect solution if you find one that suits your family’s needs.

Smiling mom being hugged by her young daughter


Beryl Meyer / April 05, 2018

Words have tremendous power, and our messages can affect our children even more than we realize. Paul Axtell, author of Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids, shares the positive statements that can bolster a child’s ego and instill a profound sense of security. 

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Beryl Meyer / April 05, 2018

“Price is usually the biggest factor when choosing where to shop.

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Malia Jacobson / April 05, 2018

Why should you take the time to try and wrangle a better deal on that new fridge? Because a lot is at stake, says Ellie Kay, author of The 60-Minute Financial Workout. In today’s economy, no one can afford to throw money away, particularly parents with growing kids and rising expenses.

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Beryl Meyer / April 05, 2018

While the classroom teaches children many valuable lessons, the playground does, too. Without their even realizing it, problem-solving, collaborating and negotiating are all part of the fun!