Parenting Our Children

A young girl thinks about what to write during the holidays.


The winter break is a time for decorating, last-minute shopping, family gatherings - and two weeks of bored kids lounging around the house. How can we prevent kids from becoming one with the sofa while binging on their favorite show as their school skills slowly wither away? 

Two informally dressed girls walking down the street with cigarettes.


Friends are an important part of our children’s lives, and as parents, it’s our hope that our children choose them wisely. But what can you do when your child makes a friend you just don’t approve of? Should you to step in or stand back? 

A couple of older kids gang up on a younger child.


What makes someone a bully?  

If they call you names constantly, not once, multiple times.

Camryn, 10

Acting mean to someone.

Avery, 10

A boy hugs his grandfather during the holidays.

We live in a material world. And no matter how hard we try to teach our kids that Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other holiday celebrations are about more than time off, goofing around and getting presents, the world outside conspires against us. 

A little girl dressed as a pumpkin gets candy on Halloween.

What do you like most about Halloween?

Getting together with my friends and doing pranks.

Bryce, 12

I get to stay up late and get candy

Oli, 7

Kids in Halloween disguises run

Halloween can be a scary time for parents, and we don’t mean in the fun way.

Departing father talks to his daughter while mother looks on.


Raising kids after divorce can be among the most difficult things any parent goes through. Even under the best of circumstances, parenting during and after a divorce can be stressful - for adults and kids alike.

Upset brother and sister sit back-to-back with arms crossed.


Every relationship has conflict, and the relationship between brothers and sisters is no exception. If you have more than one child, you’ve probably seen sibling rivalry rear its ugly head at some point.