Parenting Our Children

A boy and his mother enjoy activities aboard a Brightline train.

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Elisa Chemayne Agostinho / July 16, 2019

Take a mini “vacay” with day trips and excursions that won’t break the bank! 

Parents playing video game with their daughter.


/ July 16, 2019

By now, unless you’re a total Fortnite noob, nub, or newbie (as newcomers to the wildly-popular video game are called by gamers), most parents know about the first-person shooter game that takes up so much of our children’s collective attention.

Smiling dad holding up daughter


/ June 11, 2019

What makes a good father?

He shows you how to show love; he uses kind words, he shows compassion, he shows you how to be thankful and happy. He tells the truth and shows you how to help each other.
Isaiah, 9

Charred Summer Salad

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/ June 11, 2019

This spicy summer salad is topped with popcorn for a crunch like croutons.


Happy dad and sons outdoors.

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/ June 11, 2019

A father’s involvement can go a long way toward contributing to a child's social and academic development.

Mom applying sunscreen on young daughter.

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/ June 11, 2019

Sunny days are an almost year-round thing in South Florida, but the summer months bring more time spent outdoors – and a greater risk of exposing children to harmful rays. Here’s how to minimize the danger: 

Mother and daughter laying on the grass.


/ May 10, 2019

What do mothers do to make children happy?

My mother makes me happy when we go to the Miami Seaquarium. I see fish and sharks!
- Emillano, 6

They take you out when you’re bored and help you with stuff you don’t know.
- Tangie, 10

Happy couple with a baby.

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/ May 10, 2019

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, a reminder to consider the 443,000 children in foster care across the country – about 3,500 of them in the Miami-Dade area – that need a safe and nurturing harbor.