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Parenting Our Children

Every relationship has conflict, and the relationship between brothers and sisters is no exception. If you have more than one child, youve probably seen sibling rivalry rear its ugly head at some

Ah, young love. That marvelous, angst-ridden, terrifying and thrilling experience filled with infatuation, exhilaration and (typically) gut-wrenching breakups. Most parents probably remember it all

As we venture out into the world once again, the last thing most of us want to do is think about all the fear, worry and general awfulness of the coronavirus pandemic. And yet, if we do think about

Offering the grandchild that third cookie—for lunch. Overruling naptime rules. Grandparents can be helpful, invaluable resources for parents --but also a handful! If they have very different parenting

Parents and caregivers could be forgiven for focusing most of their back-to-school energy on COVID-19 restrictions and guidance ahead of a return to in-person school. But now that school is in

As parents and caregivers prepare for their children to return to the classroom, full-time – many for the first time since the pandemic started – we can expect things to be difficult, at least

Now that vaccines are available for kids 12 and up (and hopefully for kids from 2-11, end of summer?), parents will likely be trying to get them on playdates, if they havent already.As many vaccinated

Stop and smell the jasmine. Live in the present. Focus on whats important. Picture yourself nailing that pirouette. These are all things we tell our kids to do – even though we may have trouble doing

With summer on the horizon, many children are eager to ditch the masks, let loose and camp, play and chill like it's 2022. But vaccinated or not, parents must ensure that their children play it safe

With a wholesale return to in-person schooling planned for the fall across the country, including in Miami-Dade County, parents are now asking themselves how safe will the return be? Fortunately, the

Setting aside the device and planning in-real-life playdates. Transitioning from drive-by birthdays to bona fide cake-n-jump house celebrations. Leaving the comfort cocoon of living room home school

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention continues to advise against travel until individuals are fully vaccinated, meaning any summer travel plans should be put on hold for parents who have not

Your child has likely asked, Why is it important to share, be good, or kind. For parents who are religious, the answer might be easy: that is how their religion or how God tells them to behave. But

With schooling, gaming and social interactions largely depending on the digital world during the pandemic, its easy for children and parents to overdo it. But how much is too much?According to market

Spot exotic birds and animals along the Anhinga Trail in the Everglades. Discover Vizcaya Museum and Gardens critters and plants at the majestic Coconut Grove estate. Search for sea

Some children learn to crawl and even walk when they are barely six months old, while others dont until they are 18 months or older. Toddlers can begin saying

Watching symbols of racism waved inside the Capitol building along with hate-filled banners, t-shirts and propaganda displayed during the riotous events of January are a stark reminder that this

Parents may be the primary educators of their children but in these eternal winter days of remote education, many feel increased weight to that 24/7 mandate. They must ensure their children actually

For all children who attend Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS), classes start remotely on Monday morning, August 31. So what will the school day look like initially? Below is a preview based on

The end of 2020 came with the best possible news – development, approval and start of vaccinations against COVID-19. And while the county starts implementing a plan for widespread vaccinations, that

Setting up a home work station next to ones second grader after her Word document vanished. Biking down Old Cutler Trail with the kids after soccer practice went virtual. Playing remote family trivia

Thanksgiving is upon us and we are all eager to celebrate with family and friends what has been a very trying year, to say the least. But while the desire to share good times and a delicious feast may

Way back in April, many of us got the first taste of what a holiday (Easter, Passover or Ramadan) would look like during the coronavirus pandemic. While we hoped that the experience would be a unique

The impacts of the 2016 Presidential Election on our children were worrying, according to a study by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Nine of 10 educators said they saw negative impacts on student

The Voice, Americas Got Talent, American Idol and other nationally broadcast talent competitions have been popular for years as a way to look and see what the country can produce in terms of future

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced earlier this month that Miami-Dade County had moved into Phase 2 of the states reopening plan, effectively clearing the way for a path to bring students back to

Sure, wed love to see our children excited about their return to remote learning, but the reality is the prospect of sitting through a regular-length school day from the comfort of their own room or

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit in March, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) and parents did their best to get kids in front of computers and learning. It was largely disorganized,

While the countrys collective conscious has been focused on staying safe and healthy by keeping away from COVID-19 for at least the last four months, the longer the pandemic lasts, the more we realize

Just as they finished the last school year, Miami-Dade public school students will start the upcoming school year with online classes only on August 31. The Miami-Dade School Board made the

The world is waiting for COVID-19 vaccine to rescue it and return it to a recognizable version of its former self. Whether that ever happens, and when, has yet to be seen. But during this prolonged

Four months and counting and the toll on our mental well-being that the coronavirus pandemic has inflicted is substantial. Now, imagine what kinds of emotions it could be creating in our children who

We all want the best for our kids, but many of us (and you know who you are) have strayed into intensive parenting territory, directing and monitoring their kids every move. Now that everyone is

This Fourth of July will be the first time in many years, maybe ever, where many of us dont congregate together to watch a firework display at the park, beach or another crowded venue. That could mean

So much for the new normal! It looks like we are going back to the abnormal with spiking COVID-19 cases in Florida, and Miami-Dade in particular, putting reopenings on hold or even back some. That

With a backdrop of consistent daily protests and demonstrations across the country, The Childrens Trust held a special meeting bringing together board members and staff to talk about the painful and

Its hard to imagine anyone who hasnt faced some significant change of life during the coronavirus pandemic, especially parents. Not only have many of us seen major adjustments to our normal work life,

Families in Miami-Dade County who struggled through the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic – through the school and business closures, stimulus and small business loan delays, and general

The most volatile year of our lives, just got even more flammable. Still struggling to prepare for a summer in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, the country has been thrown into further chaos with

Its the only thing anybody is really talking about these days. When should the country reopen? And by extension, when does my state, county, city and neighborhood reopen? But while all those questions

Two months into the life altering coronavirus pandemic that has swept through our country, the full impact it will have on our lives is still unknown. Its increasingly plausible that the pandemic will

Our new coronavirus realities have stripped us, at least temporarily, of many of the go to activities that made us understanding and supportive parents. Taking the kids out to get ice cream after a

Although we're all stuck inside, there's no reason we should let COVID-19 stop us from making our childrens fitness a priority. Not only is burning off energy and staying active crucial for their

With schools temporarily closed to help stop the spread of coronavirus, parents across the country have been begrudgingly thrust into a new side job of homeschool teacher. And, with many moms and dads

Being quarantined due to the coronavirus – and being separated from friends and family – isnt easy, especially when it comes to grandparents and their grandchildren. Because COVID-19 disproportionally

The same challenges and fears that apply to all children during the coronavirus pandemic are heightened in children with disabilities and those requiring special attention. As well as the general

The web can be a very scary place when looking for answers to medical questions. Anyone with even mild traits of a hypochondriac will know the pitfalls of looking to the internet to diagnose,

Two months ago, you could easily have thought the phrase social distancing was just another euphemism for ghosting." But now it seems social distancing has crept in to every aspect of our

The first real holiday conflict between many established religions and the coronavirus pandemic in the United States happens in April. Easter for Christians, Passover for Jews and Ramadan for Muslims

Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit pause on everyday life, many parents with little ones at home are scrambling to figure out how to keep their children occupied and themselves sane. With

It might not be surprising that purchase of snacks like popcorn, pretzels and potato chips have skyrocketed along with the spread of the Coronavirus at the beginning of March, according to NPR. But

Video footage of a thief stealing several Coronavirus (COVID-19) test kits might represent the worst reaction to the ongoing pandemic so far. But it shouldnt be all that surprising and the truth is

Waiting to see what the new realities of everyday life are going to be like during the Coronavirus pandemic? Well, it all starts from home, where you and your kids will be spending most of your time

The all-consuming coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic has had an important and negative effect on the attention given to the 2020 US Census. Not only has the once-a-decade national count been

While the country as a whole celebrates the impact African Americans have had in the United States, the Black community in South Florida has been especially important in the history of our region for

Do you have friends from different countries? What do you learn from them?Yes, I have a friend from a different part of the country. She's from Pennsylvania and she's my best, best friend.Oli, 7My

As parents, we know the importance of raising children to respect and value people regardless of the color of their skin, their physical abilities or the language they speak. But teaching kids about

What makes someone a bully?  If they call you names constantly, not once, multiple times.Camryn, 10Acting mean to someone.Avery, 10Something bad happened to the bully that they would like to have

Its a new year and with it comes the eternal hope for improvement, advancement and, of course, learning for your kids. But instead of going through the typical New Years Resolution with your kids

For better or worse, 2019 is in the rearview mirror. Its all about 2020 now. If the beginning of every new year is a chance to look forward and start to plan for a good year, well, then lets do 2020

In every parents life, there will come a time where your child asks you a question that you cant answer. Not because you dont know the answer (although that will happen also), but because your kid is

By now youve seen news of the scary effects of vaping and the disproportionate numbers of our children who are engaging in the habit across the country. But despite the onslaught of information and

The winter break is a time for decorating, last-minute shopping, family gatherings - and two weeks of bored kids lounging around the house. How can we prevent kids from becoming one with the sofa

Friends are an important part of our childrens lives, and as parents, its our hope that our children choose them wisely. But what can you do when your child makes a friend you just dont approve of?

We live in a material world. And no matter how hard we try to teach our kids that Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other holiday celebrations are about more than time off, goofing around and getting

Raising kids after divorce can be among the most difficult things any parent goes through. Even under the best of circumstances, parenting during and after a divorce can be stressful - for adults and

What do you like most about Halloween?Getting together with my friends and doing pranks.Bryce, 12I get to stay up late and get candyOli, 7What costume are you going to wear?I want to be the black

Halloween can be a scary time for parents, and we dont mean in the fun way. In South Florida, where balmy weather, mosquito bites and potential flash storms can put a damper on your trick-or-treat

Being a parent is the most rewarding job in history, and the oldest. But its also the hardest (only nonparents would argue the point). Sometimes it can get downright impossible to handle – what with

What are your favorite things about school lunch?Pizza day and that you can get chocolate milk or salad any day.Oli, 7Favorite thing about school lunch is being with friends and talking and

Studies show that children perform better academically when their parents actively participate in school. According to the National Education Association (NEA), students with parents or caregivers who

Some people say owning a pet is a good, albeit softer, dry run for having children. Others, insist that their pets are actually their children. Whether you agree or disagree, what is certain is the

We were all kids once. And we all remember those moments where we could not believe how different we were from our parents. The way we dressed. How we danced. What we liked to do. Even, how we talked.

By now, unless youre a total Fortnite noob, nub, or newbie (as newcomers to the wildly-popular video game are called by gamers), most parents know about the first-person shooter game that takes up so

School supplies are stuffed into backpacks, lunches are brown-bagged and the first days outfit is laid out. You and your kids feel ready for the school year. But are you really? The real test begins

The alarm clock rings and it's time to get ready for school. Pop quiz. What do you have prepared for breakfast? How about lunch? You scramble (some eggs?) to get things in order: a sandwich, some

What makes something boring?When something limits communication, movement and hands-on activities.Kyle, 9Something that is repetitive, that you do over and over without any change. William, 6What

Keeping an eye on your kids social media and online presence and helping them navigate safely is as important as teaching them to look left-right-left before crossing the street. Here are 5 apps to

Miamis largest gathering of family-friendly resources is a must-not-miss as providers, parents and, of course, kids, gather at the Miami-Dade County Fair from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday, September 7.

Three more children died as a result of being left in hot cars at the end of July, including a 2-year old left in a van outside a child care facility in Broward County. That came on the heels of

South Florida summers positively sizzle, and with children spending more time outdoors during the lazy, hazy days of the season, its important to remember to keep them protected from the heat. So,

How are friends different than anyone else?Friends are not related to you but treat you like family. They are my family when Im in school. Devon, 8They kind of talk to you when nobody else wants

Take a mini vacay with day trips and excursions that wont break the bank! High-Speed Happy With trains departing from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach seven days a week, the

This spicy summer salad is topped with popcorn for a crunch like croutons.Ingredients2 medium zucchini2 corn cobs1 tablespoon olive oil or vegetable oilSalt and pepper2 ounces cotija or feta cheese,

A fathers involvement can go a long way toward contributing to a child's social and academic development. Children who bond early with their fathers (or father figures), in fact, often possess sharper

Sunny days are an almost year-round thing in South Florida, but the summer months bring more time spent outdoors – and a greater risk of exposing children to harmful rays. Heres how to minimize the

What makes a good father?He shows you how to show love; he uses kind words, he shows compassion, he shows you how to be thankful and happy. He tells the truth and shows you how to help each other.

The school year will be winding down soon, but that doesnt mean learning should stop. In fact, keeping your childs brain engaged during the summer months is critical, not only to the health of their

What do mothers do to make children happy? My mother makes me happy when we go to the Miami Seaquarium. I see fish and sharks!- Emillano, 6They take you out when youre bored and help you with stuff

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, a reminder to consider the 443,000 children in foster care across the country – about 3,500 of them in the Miami-Dade area – that need a safe and nurturing

Summers just around the corner, which means its time to start thinking about where your kids will be spending their break. But with hundreds of options to choose from in Miami-Dade County – many of

Claressa Shields Born Flint, Michigan, 1995Growing up with an imprisoned father and an alcoholic mother, Claressa Shields and her siblings had to fend for themselves, often going hungry and sleeping

According to the Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Miami (, unintentional injuries are the number one cause of death for children ages 1-12 in Miami-Dade County, many of which can

The age of romantic awareness varies tremendously from one child to another. For some, feelings of attraction start in late elementary school; for others, its not until high school. But regardless of

If your child is sporting a cavity or two, theyre not alone. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, far surpassing other

Inspire your children – and yourself – with these amazing stories of greatness.Alice Coachman Before Simone Biles, Venus and Serena Williams, and Miamis very own Brianna Rollins, there was Alice

Keeping kids smiles healthy takes more than brushing twice daily and regular dental checkups (which should begin around 18 months). In addition to the normal loss of baby teeth and a cavity or two,

At the start of every school year, parents enter into an alliance that greatly affects their childrens academic success. Though the parent-teacher partnership begins the day your kids walk through

Childhood shyness is a common concern among parents, who fear their youngsters may lack self-confidence and lag behind in social development. But with preparation, practice and patience, most reserved

Regularly sitting children down to write thank you notes may no longer be the order of the day, but teaching kids to acknowledge the kindness of others is always in style – and not simply because its

Your child wakes up feeling miserable. Theyre complaining of a stuffy nose and a sore throat but they dont have a fever. Should you keep them home or send them off to school?Its an everyday dilemma

Even if everyone goes to bed on time without grumbling (ha!), ensuring your family gets the rest it needs to meet the day ahead can take some doing. The latest sleep research may surprise you – an

Pint-sized witches, ghosts and goblins eagerly lean forward in their seats as the lights dim. A shadowy masked figure steps up to the podium and dramatically raises his arms. And as the first icy

What do you do when your son or daughter makes friends with someone you think is a bad influence? According to Barbara Polland, a professor of child development at California State University at

Take our quick quiz to discover your parenting style and how your answers can help your approach. 1. Lately, your little ones bedtime routine has hit a roadblock. To get them back on track,

Your kids left their shoes in the middle of the hallway and your first reaction is to lose your cool and yell at them. Youre pulling away from your partner because you feel like they arent doing their

Children suffering from sports-related injuries – and those due to other physically challenging activities, like dance – are more common than you might think. Safe Kids USA reports that more than

Did you know that the simple act of conversing with your young child will be one of the single most influential factors in their language skills down the road? According to a study by the University

Be proactive. Follow these what-to-pack guidelines, just in case…Customize the kit. The essentials you keep on hand should be geared to the particular type of sport your child plays. For instance, in

As summer break draws to a close, parents and kids across Miami-Dade are busy checking off boxes on their back-to-school lists. But often missing among the entries of notebooks, pencils, rulers and

Its become a summer pastime for many families: gathering relatives near and far to barbecue or picnic, reconnect and catch up on each others lives. Together-time across generations is not only for

A great family getaway is closer than you think – especially with the Miami areas abundance of attractions. Here are just a few suggestions…Take to the skies. Let the adventures begin aboard the

Freckle, age spot or mole? Knowing the difference between these distinguishing marks can clue you into the warning signs of skin cancer. Brush up on the basics for the best preventive

Stack up some must-reads, set a daily reminder and get ready to flash your most dazzling smile – #Read30 is here!A brand-new viral initiative being launched by The Childrens Trust this month, #Read30

Its a sobering fact: Over 175,000 men and women will be diagnosed with a melanoma this year, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). And everyone is vulnerable, regardless of the color

As societal beliefs and customs are rapidly changing, our childrens sensitivity to others new normals may not be up to speed. Starting a discussion with your kids is a great way to open up the doors

Every time a father – or father figure – shows what it means to be present in his childrens lives by role-modeling patience, compassion, listening skills and attunement to their needs, hes shaping

Encourage compassion, empathy and acceptance with these shareworthy tales, recommended by Liz Pearson, branch manager of the West Kendall Regional Library in Miami, part of the Miami-Dade Public

Issues around discipline, socializing, sibling rivalry and decision-making – what would Michelle Obama or Salma Hayek do? We look to women whove raised their children in and out of the spotlight for

Diversitys a huge part of what makes this country so great and learning more about our neighbors can only make us stronger as a nation. Given the many different people and cultures that call Miami

This Mothers Day, millions of moms can expect handwritten cards, proudly presented bouquets and maybe even breakfast in bed – but being a mom isnt always hearts and flowers. There are times when you

With school ending in just weeks, the question looms: How will you keep your children busy? Camp could be the perfect solution if you find one that suits your familys needs. In Miami-Dade County, many

While the classroom teaches children many valuable lessons, the playground does, too. Without their even realizing it, problem-solving, collaborating and negotiating are all part of the fun! The

Why should you take the time to try and wrangle a better deal on that new fridge? Because a lot is at stake, says Ellie Kay, author of The 60-Minute Financial Workout. In todays economy, no one can

Words have tremendous power, and our messages can affect our children even more than we realize. Paul Axtell, author of Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids, shares the positive statements that can

Price is usually the biggest factor when choosing where to shop. But today, with everyone feeling the economic pinch, retailers are vying for your business and will do anything to get you through the

Its a fact: Children exposed to reading and literacy-related activities prior to preschool get better grades, are more likely to graduate and go on to college, and realize greater successes as adults.

Its National Nutrition Month, a great time to revisit whats on the menu at home and make simple adjustments to ensure that everyones eating for their very good health. Even when youre squeezed for

Organizing your home can take a village of helpers, and putting your kids in charge of their rooms is the perfect place to start. With order comes a great lesson in valuing what's important - and

Role modeling techniques and go-to resources can help parents transform little pessimists into bright-eyed optimists. "Children mimic their parents' emotions as early as six days old; it's one of

The world needs optimists, now more than ever. Optimism, or the conviction that things will work out in the end, is a cornerstone of resilience and an asset in achieving any kind of success. In fact,

Children, like adults, are creatures of habit who take comfort in the familiar – for better or worse. And although most kids bad habits are developmentally related and disappear over time, behaviors

When youve done all you can to help your child, educational resources in your community and online – many of them free – can provide the expertise they need. Consider these options:Ask their teacher.

Want to stop your childs anxiety-causing habits for good? These targeted techniques get to the bottom of troubling behaviors and help turn them around.1. Look for teachable moments. Choose a time when

From Bessie Coleman, the first licensed African-American woman to pilot a plane, to Katherine Johnson, whose expertise in the early application of digital electronic computers at NASA aided the United

Its not uncommon for kids to lose steam when it comes to keeping up with their homework, so if your child is struggling, dont despair. A timely intervention can keep your kid on track – in terms of

A trip to the dentist can be anxiety-provoking for kids, especially if theyre not prepared for what happens during an exam or routine dental work. But addressing their fears early on can pave the way

Encouraging your child to say thank you – whether its with a card, phone call or other heartfelt gesture – is a critical social skill that will serve them well not just during the holidays, but also

What happens when your child comes home crying because their classmate told them theres no Santa? And how do you answer a 4-year-old who wants to know where babies come from? The truth of the matter

When is a little white lie okay – and when does it do more damage than good? Is fibbing fine when your childs pet goldfish floats to the top of the tank? Or will a story about Goldie retiring to a

Learning has never been a one-size-fits-all experience for children. Between myriad teaching styles and the many ways kids take in and process information, theres endless opportunity for the gap

Take a selfie with Maisy the mouse, create your own clouds or kick around a soccer ball with the Miami FC: You and your kids can do all of these things and more – much, much more! – at The Children's

Why are some kids social butter?ies while others are as quiet as church mice? How your child interacts with others is not a direct result of environment or experiences, as some might assume. Rather,

The recipient of the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics who developed the theory of relativity. A civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat on the bus and became the mother of the Freedom

When it comes to life skills and academics, fostering an interest in the arts could be the key to piloting your child toward excellence. Thats because children and teens given the opportunity to

As parents and caregivers, we do our best to shield our children from anxiety, pain, fear and disappointment. But when a big bad like a hurricane or an earthquake occurs, kids need more than the usual

Take a selfie with Peter Rabbit, create your own clouds or take part in a giant game of Twister: You and your kids can do all of these things and more – much, much more! – at The Childrens Trust

Spooky Symphony – a free, frightfully entertaining Halloween concert and multimedia presentation in one – is a fangtastic gift to the community, made possible through the combined talents of the

Does your child often hang back from enjoying themselves when an experience falls outside their comfort zone? Whether the fear thats stopping them is real or imagined, the good news is, you can help

Seasonal celebrations can be fraught with tension, as were flooded with idealized images of family gatherings that seem so unlike our own. Past issues, too, often come back to haunt the season like

Separation anxiety – the fear children feel when they have to be away from parents or home for the first time – is a normal developmental stage for most, and kids can have those feelings of

Issues around self-image, peer pressure, school performance… they can cause a teen's confidence to plummet in a heartbeat. Add to those triggers the extremely influential effects of online presence

Drama club, track and field, debate team, soccer – extracurricular activities and sports arent just fun ways to pass the time, say experts. These types of pursuits yield great personal gains, too,

Job, kids, housework, family… in our time-crunched world, its way too tempting to grab takeout and bypass the kitchen, watch TV instead of working out, and make quick decisions about important