Parenting Our Children

A little girl smiles while eating school lunch.


What are your favorite things about school lunch?
Pizza day and that you can get chocolate milk or salad any day.
Oli, 7

Favorite thing about school lunch is being with friends and talking and eating
Jeremiah, 7

Four hands interlocking together on wrists.


Being a parent is the most rewarding job in history, and the oldest. But it’s also the hardest (only nonparents would argue the point). Sometimes it can get downright impossible to handle – what with work, finances, time, and most of all, your own kids, conspiring against you. 

A father tutors his son.

Joshua Resnick/

Studies show that children perform better academically when their parents actively participate in school.

Children play with dog while mother reads.


Some people say owning a pet is a good, albeit softer, dry run for having children. Others, insist that their pets are actually their children.

Dad holding daughter’s hands.

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We were all kids once. And we all remember those moments where we could not believe how different we were from our parents. The way we dressed. How we danced. What we liked to do. Even, how we talked.

A bored little boy rests his head on his arms


What makes something boring?

When something limits communication, movement and hands-on activities.
Kyle, 9

Something that is repetitive, that you do over and over without any change. 
William, 6

What makes you the most bored?

Mother and son shop discounted books.

Felix Becerra

Miami’s largest gathering of family-friendly resources is a must-not-miss as providers, parents and, of course, kids, gather at the Miami-Dade County Fair from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday, September 7. The 2019 The Children’s Trust Family Expo is free and open to all families in Miami-Dade.

A mother reviews an app on her phone with her children.


Keeping an eye on your kids’ social media and online presence and helping them navigate safely is as important as teaching them to look left-right-left before crossing the street. Here are 5 apps to help you do just that.