Parenting Our Children

A little girl dressed as a pumpkin gets candy on Halloween.

What do you like most about Halloween?

Getting together with my friends and doing pranks.

Bryce, 12

I get to stay up late and get candy

Oli, 7

Kids in Halloween disguises run

Halloween can be a scary time for parents, and we don’t mean in the fun way.

Departing father talks to his daughter while mother looks on.


Raising kids after divorce can be among the most difficult things any parent goes through. Even under the best of circumstances, parenting during and after a divorce can be stressful - for adults and kids alike.

Upset brother and sister sit back-to-back with arms crossed.


Every relationship has conflict, and the relationship between brothers and sisters is no exception. If you have more than one child, you’ve probably seen sibling rivalry rear its ugly head at some point.

A little girl smiles while eating school lunch.


What are your favorite things about school lunch?
Pizza day and that you can get chocolate milk or salad any day.
Oli, 7

Favorite thing about school lunch is being with friends and talking and eating
Jeremiah, 7

Four hands interlocking together on wrists.


Being a parent is the most rewarding job in history, and the oldest. But it’s also the hardest (only nonparents would argue the point). Sometimes it can get downright impossible to handle – what with work, finances, time, and most of all, your own kids, conspiring against you. 

A father tutors his son.

Joshua Resnick/

Studies show that children perform better academically when their parents actively participate in school.

Children play with dog while mother reads.


Some people say owning a pet is a good, albeit softer, dry run for having children. Others, insist that their pets are actually their children.