Distraught teen girl being consoled


Heidi Smith Luedtke, Ph.D. / Fevriye 15, 2018

Kè nou yo kraze pou tout moun ki afekte pa tire an mas nan Marjory Stoneman Douglas Lekòl Segondè Parkland la.

Collage of various book covers
Elisa Chemayne Agostinho / Desanm 23, 2017

Teacher, escape hatch, best friend. Books – wonderful, mystical, life-changing books – can be all of those things, and our 2017 Top 12 list of titles for kids is a great way to share the magic with your children.

Teen boy onstage singing and playing electric guitar
Beryl Meyer / Desanm 14, 2017

For the past eight years, budding performers ages 8 to 17 years old have been given the rare opportunity to take the stage and share their special talent in numerous theatres around Miami-Dade County.

Hispanic girl lying on her mother's lap
/ Septanm 13, 2017

As parents and caregivers, we do our best to shield our children from anxiety, pain, fear and disappointment. But when a big bad like Irma comes along, kids need more than the usual reassurances to make it through to the other side. The following tips can help:

Family discussion at the kitchen table
/ Septanm 05, 2017

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best – it’s a phrase familiar to most Floridians, whether you’re an old hand at hurricane prep or getting ready for your first (potential) one.

Written by Beryl Meyer / Out 08, 2017

Separation anxiety – the fear children feel when they have to be away from parents or home for the first time – is a normal developmental stage for most, and kids can have those feelings of nervousness or apprehension even when they’re left with people they know well, like grandparents or aunties