Rows of bagged lunches for students.


The only constant is change. The new realities of our world have made the old axiom abundantly clear. Everything has changed and every individual must look at his or her behavior to figure out how they will have to change to come to grips with those realities.

 Ti gason ki konsène sèvi ak yon mask pandan pandemi Coronavirus.


Nan tan kap vini an, youn nan bagay ki pral pi gwo priyorite pou chak paran se kenbe timoun yo lwen de Coronavirus la pou yo pa ekspose a li. Konsantrasyon sèlman sou aspè fizik la pral yon erè.


Gilang Prihardono/

Tuesday, March 31, 5 p.m.

Yon gwoup divès moun reyini ansanm pou resansman 2020 la.

Photo Courtesy of Miami-Dade County

Sèl si w te kache anba yon gwo wòch, pou w pa ta konnen 2020 se ane pou fè resansman nan peyi Etazini. Lè n reflechi tout bon vre, moun ki kache lakòz gwo poblèm nan kesyon resansman an.

Attendees at Social Equity Day get active.

Roberto Herrera


Hearing that somebody puts several dead black boys in their pocket every day, along with his keys and wallet, before leaving the house is jarring. But then again, that was the point of the first ever Social Equity Day held on Valentine’s Day at the University of Miami. 

Social Equity Day will test your notion of social justice.


This upcoming Valentine Day, before you cozy up to your mate during a special night out, The Children’s Trust and the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe County invites you to face some hard uncomfortable truths about social justice.

Anthony Rodriguez plays at auditions for Young Talent Big Dreams.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Porter

As a packed house enjoyed Mama Mia on the Mainstage at Actor’s Playhouse at the Miracle Theater on a late January Sunday, there was even more precocious talent on display upstairs in the Children’s Theater.

The Children's Trust entered into a partnership with Univision.

Photo courtesy of Willmeisha Hall.

Coming soon to a small screen near you – a telenovela that helps you learn how to be a better parent or caregiver!