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The Advocacy Network on Disabilities

Event Description:
This training is specifically designed for administrators of Trust-funded programs including but not limited to agency, program and site directors. It provides an introductory working knowledge of an agency’s legal requirements under the ADA. Topics include eligibility for enrollment, reasonable accommodations, and policies and procedures. Opportunities for peer learning occurs through sharing experiences, raising questions, and problem-solving real life situations. (3 Hours)

*This training is required  once per funding cycle, (upon ADA changes, as announced) and upon hire for Trust program executives and administrators.

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Youth both with and without disabilities can behave in challenging ways. Learn the 7 basic needs youth exhibit, and take away strategies for meeting these needs through positive, preventive approaches. This training is appropriate for all, but is especially relevant to YEN providers


Detay Evenman Yo

Mas 2, 2020 - 9:30am to 12:30pm
Jennifer Tunez
305.596.1160 ext.270


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Gwen Cherry Park
7090 NW 22nd Avenue
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