How The Children’s Trust Impacts Lives

How The Children’s Trust Impacts Lives

Over the past 20 years, The Trust has left a legacy of support and care

Through its many funded programs and partners at sites across Miami-Dade County and increasingly as a result of its own initiatives, programs and outreach efforts, The Children’s Trust has had a significant impact on children and families over the last two decades.

The research and statistics compiled since The Trust's inception paint a portrait of dedicated support and care for children and youth that has never been seen before in our community. Although the entire impact of The Trust is hard to quantify, some of the figures and numbers presented as part of its 20th Anniversary yearlong celebration speak to the undeniable impact The Trust has made.  

Total Lives Impacted  
More than 2.2 million children, parents and caregivers have been engaged over the past 20 years by The Children’s Trust and its providers.

Countywide Reach  
Over its history, The Trust has funded programs throughout the county, with efforts made to reach all children and families. Its reach has steadily increased and in 2022, there were 1,470 program locations.

Keeping Kids Active and Safe 
More than 600,000 after-school and summer program opportunities have been made available for children and youth to learn, develop and stay safe while parents are busy working.

Focus on Early Learning and Literacy  
The Children’s Trust has increasingly focused on early learning over its history with much of that centered around literacy. Since its inception, The Trust has made it possible for over 3.4 million children's books to be distributed over Miami-Dade County.

Early Learning Opportunities  
High-quality child care remains among its most important priorities and over its life span The Trust has funded 41,000 full-time early child care education opportunities for children under 5.

Providing Nutrition for Children  
Food insecurity continues to be a source of concern in our community, but thanks to The Trust more than 14.6 million snacks and meals have been distributed through programs in Miami-Dade.

Keeping Children Healthy  
Thanks to Trust funding of school health clinics, nearly 4.2 million student visits to have been made for care and referrals at Miami-Dade County pubic schools.  

Trust-Funded Program Growth 

  • The number of organizations funded by The Children’s Trust since its first year of funding has grown by over 150% increase (from 64 to 163). 
  • The number of programs funded by The Trust since its first year of funding has grown over 300% (from 71 to 313).
  • Nearly 5,300 total annual contracts for program services have been finalized in The Trust’s first  20 years. 

Community Support  
Nearly 800,000 calls were answered by the Trust-funded 211 Helpline, including on issues of housing/homelessness, mental health/substance abuse, health care, food/meals and more.

For more information on how The Trust has impacted lives over its first 20 years, read a special section of the Annual Report, available at