Teen boy onstage singing and playing electric guitar

For the past eight years, budding performers ages 8 to 17 years old have been given the rare opportunity to take the stage and share their special talent in numerous theatres around Miami-Dade County.

Hispanic girl lying on her mother's lap

As parents and caregivers, we do our best to shield our children from anxiety, pain, fear and disappointment. But when a big bad like Irma comes along, kids need more than the usual reassurances to make it through to the other side. The following tips can help:

Family discussion at the kitchen table

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best – it’s a phrase familiar to most Floridians, whether you’re an old hand at hurricane prep or getting ready for your first (potential) one.

La ansiedad por separación – el temor que sienten los niños cuando tienen que estar fuera de casa o lejos de sus padres por primera vez – es una etapa normal del desarrollo para casi todos.