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We've developed the material below for easy reference to help Trust-funded providers navigate through the different tools and resources available to them on Trust Central.


Youth Development 23-24 

Data Collection Training Session New!

Data Collection Presentation Slides: Click Here to View (PDF)

Data Collection Recording: Click Here to View (Video)

Navigating Trust Central Attendance Module (2 min): Click Here to View (Video)


Differentiated Literacy Instruction (DLI)

DLI Presentation Slides: Click Here to View (PDF) (PDF)

DLI Training Session Recording: Click Here to View (Video) (Video)

DLI Grids Demonstration: Click Here to View (Video)


Initiative Manual 

Youth Development Implementation Manual: Click Here to View New!


Parenting & Family Strengthening 23-34

Parenting & Family Strengthening Reporting: Click Here to View New!


Health Public Benefits 23-24

Health Public Benefits Reporting Click Here to View New!


How-To Videos


At this time we are only able to provide support by email. Please submit your detailed questions and screenshots (if needed) to