A little girl dressed as a pumpkin gets candy on Halloween.


Tricky Treats Aplenty

Kid’s-Eye View

What do you like most about Halloween?

Getting together with my friends and doing pranks.

Bryce, 12

I get to stay up late and get candy

Oli, 7

What costume are you going to wear?

I want to be the black panther because he is strong and smart and cool.

Jeremiah, 7

My favorite costume would be Joker from Persona 5. I think that Joker looks amazing and really stylish. The black coat, pants, and shirt really contrast the red gloves.

Kyle, 9

Raven from Fortnite

Bryce, 12

What scares you during Halloween?

The decorations on some people’s doors are too frightening, a lot of them have fake blood and are very scary. I don’t like that. You can go trick-or-treating with your parents to keep safe. 

Oli, 7

Somebody hiding behind a bush and jumping out behind you. 

Bryce, 12


Avery, 9

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