Training & Professional Development


  • Supports for quality program implementation & fiscal/administrative functions
  • Program evaluation & community research
  • Innovation Fund to pilot new strategies, methods, instruments and partnerships

Program and professional development for funded provider agencies consists of training and coaching opportunities offered through Trust-funded agencies, and through coaching offered through contract managers based on Metrics results with Growth Planning. The Children’s Trust also offers special event professional development options and trainings directly.

Trust Academy

Trust Academy partner agencies support provider staff in building strong, sustainable organizations that consistently deliver high quality services in alignment with best practices and healthy child development. Trust Academy Program Quality Supports are important cornerstones to the success of The Trust’s strategic plan. Supports consist of:

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Online Courses
  • Peer Learning (or Communities of Practice)

All group events, courses and resources may be found in Trust Academy Learning Management System (LMS). Funded providers access Trust Academy LMS through Trust Central.

Visit Trust Academy LMS

Training Catalog

The Children’s Trust is committed to strengthening agencies’ ability to effectively deliver needed services and manage their operations, therefore providing positive impact to the children and families in the communities being served. To that end, Trust Academy partners offer high quality, relevant trainings specific to initiative and audience needs. Providers must ensure appropriate staff and subcontractors attend trainings administered by The Trust’s Trust Academy partners. 
All youth after-school and summer (YD K-5) providers required to be licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families must abide by training regulations pertaining to the license. Trust-provided trainings are accepted as in-service trainings by DCF. Please keep and file your LMS transcript and/or all certificates obtained upon training completion.

Trainings offered by Trust Academy Partners - Advocacy Network on Disabilities (AND), Breakthrough Miami SkillBuild, Injury Free Coalition, Nova Southeastern Project RISE, The Pontis Group, Training and Implementation Associates, UM Team COACH and YWCA of South Florida - and by various specialized and evidenced-based programs (EBP) are listed in the attached chart. Each training specifies the intended audience and the format in which the training is offered. 

Additional trainings and courses offered throughout the year will be found in Trust Academy LMS.

  • Online Courses offered by Trust Academy partners will be found in Trust Academy LMS in the Course catalog. 
  • Live Trainings are offered periodically and are listed in the Events calendar of Trust Academy LMS.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training from other organizations, i.e., the American Red Cross, is accepted if it meets CPR certification. 

Providers are responsible for securing evidenced-based program (EBP) training for new staff and/or upon implementation of new EBP as approved. 

This list no longer includes required and recommended trainings with timing guidance. Staff and supervisors are encouraged to work together identify needs, select trainings and build development plans.

Based upon results of program metrics, trainings for specific staff and/or entire provider agencies will be recommended to address identified needs. 

For more information, please visit Trust Academy Partners websites and reach out directly.

What to Expect

Class Size Limits
Training classes offered by The Children's Trust are normally limited to a certain number of participants. Please see each event listing for number of Open Seats.

If you have registered for training, your seat will be held for up to 15 minutes after the class has started. Once that time has passed your seat may be given to someone on the waitlist.  Once that 15-minute time has passed, it is up to the facilitator or registration staff if you may be admitted if room allows. Training credit is also granted at the discretion of the facilitator or registration staff.

Training Attendance
If you register for a training and cannot attend for any reason, please Unregister in the Event in Trust Academy LMS and contact the training Event Organizer. Your slot may be given to someone who has waitlisted.

Training Cancelations
You will be notified by email of all training cancelations. Cancelations are also listed in Trust Academy LMS.

Training Classes
Some training classes are restricted to participation by only staff who are employed by Trust-funded agencies. Please check with the Event Organizer. Please visit our calendar and the Event Calendar in Trust Academy LMS for trainings provided directly by The Children's Trust.

Coaching is provided only to Trust-funded agencies. Please contact the agencies listed below for more information.


All Initiatives

Advocacy Network on Disabilities - inclusion of all children

Injury Free Miami - injury prevention and safety training and resources for providers and parents

YWCA South Florida - Social Emotional Wellness/Racial Equity Diversity and Inclusion (SEW/REDI) Coming Soon

The Pontis Group - Program Management Leadership Academy and selected providers for Capacity Building 


Youth Development

Nova Southeastern Project RISE

SkillBuild Powered by Breakthrough Miami - trainings and courses for Youth Development 6-12

FIU Reading Explorers - coaching for Youth Development K-5


Family Services

UM Team COACH - Parenting

Training and Implementation Associates (TIA) - Family and Neighborhood Support Partnerships (FNSP) and Family Strengthening