A little girl smiles while eating school lunch.


School Lunch, from Yuck to Yum!

Kid’s-Eye View

What are your favorite things about school lunch?
Pizza day and that you can get chocolate milk or salad any day.
Oli, 7

Favorite thing about school lunch is being with friends and talking and eating
Jeremiah, 7

What is your least favorite thing about school lunch?
My least favorite thing is that the cafeteria stinks.
Avery, 9

Oli, 7

If you could change anything about school lunch what would it be?
The lunch lady. She is mean to me.
Finn, 10

I want more time. Also sometimes better lunch.
Jeremiah, 7

I would change the time limit of lunch, we don't have enough time to eat.
Avery, 9

What do you consider a healthy lunch?

Salad, something healthy, and it has all of the food groups.
Oli, 7

A healthy lunch is fruits and vegetables. Also fish, coconut water and milk. 
Jeremiah, 7 

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