Parenting CAT Observation Tool Workshop - Individual/Home Visiting Programs

The training session will focus on training parenting staff on best practices for facilitation of home visiting/individual parenting sessions. Participants will include facilitators of individual/home-based parenting programs that are funded by The Trust. The training will consist of a brief review of the individual observation tool, and focus mainly on collaborative exercises to help participants build skills reinforced by the use of the CAT observation tool.  
Workshop Objectives
After the workshop, participants will: 

  1. be able to recall the content of the individual/home parenting observation tool 
  2. identify other parenting facilitators who use the same or similar curricula or serve similar populations
  3. problem-solve challenges of individual/home parenting facilitation with participants
  4. be able to rate and provide helpful feedback using the individual observation tool 

Please note that you are only required to attend one session but can stay for both if your program offers both group and home visiting/individual parenting core activities.
*Prerequisites for attending*: A short video overview, along with the tools, will be sent to you prior to the training. Please make sure you watch the brief video and review the tool prior to attending, as this will serve as the introduction to the tool. This training is intended to provide more hands on experience through collaborative exercises. Please bring to the training the curriculum that you use for your parenting program. 


Event Details

January 11, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Grettel Suarez, Research and Evaluation Analyst
305.571.5700 Ext. 240



Event Capacity: 
Slots left: 8
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