Parents ready for an online class.


Parent Club Moves to StayHome.Miami and Virtual World

New workshops and video series available for free online

Our new coronavirus realities have stripped us, at least temporarily, of many of the “go to” activities that made us understanding and supportive parents. Taking the kids out to get ice cream after a hard week is no longer possible. Packing up your things and going to the beach is not an option for the time being. In fact, taking the kids to the pool, soccer games or most other fun and social activities are not acceptable or safe. 

But like good parents, we’ve adjusted. Walks around the block, games and activities in the home, and even playing with a garden hose, sprinkler or playing catch in the street are some of our new normal activities. It’s been hard, but inspirational. 

So, when The Children’s Trust’s Parent Club that launched last August was also forced to suspend its multitude of free weekly workshops, it did what good parents do – it adjusted. The courses first went online, with facilitators from Be Strong International, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Florida International University’s Center for Children and Families, offering the same parenting workshops online via teleconferencing. 

And now, through The Children’s Trust’s new microsite, StayHome.Miami, the Parent Club has launched a video series highlighting many of the same topics available in the full parenting workshops on its Parent Club video page

The videos range from 3 minutes to 11 minutes and cover a wide range of parenting topics similar to those available in the regular in-person Parent Club workshops, including: “Using Labeled Praises to Help Your Child’s Behavior,” “Managing Stress for the Whole Family,” “Tips to Raise Responsible Teens,” “Recognizing Stress in You as a Parent” and “Promoting Independence in Teens.”

The videos are specially curated to tackle a variety of issues that are certain to pop up during the stay-at-home orders common during the pandemic. Other videos, specifically address new realities like “Tips for Successful Playtime with Your Child During COVID-19,” “Managing Stress During Change and Uncertainty,” “3 Parenting Hacks for Full Time Working Moms,” “Problem Solving Working from Home and Homeschooling Your Children,” “Tips for Parents During COVID-19,” “Spending Quality Time During COVID-19” and “Keeping Healthy During COVID-19.”

The videos were created by existing Parent Club facilitators, the same professionals that gave the in-person workshops. The video page also has a “Workshop” link to register for upcoming Parent Club Workshops

StayHome.Miami was built on the premise that “We’re All in This Together.” It serves as a unique online resource and digital survival guide for all of Miami-Dade County families that is easy to navigate, and filled with useful fun information and activities. Among the many features available on the website are free downloadable Romero Britto coloring books, free access to read-aloud books, and a variety of easy to follow activities and games. The website will also be linked to other resources from The Children’s Trust including newsletters, virtual services offered by providers like Easterseals South Florida, Thomas Armour Youth Ballet and more.