A family celebrates Thanksgiving by virtually visiting relatives.


Make Sure Turkey Day Doesn’t Become Transmission Day

Follow basic CDC guidelines to lessen chance of COVID-19 spread on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us and we are all eager to celebrate with family and friends what has been a very trying year, to say the least. But while the desire to share good times and a delicious feast may be stronger than ever, there is good reason to continue to exercise caution to help decrease the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Infection are spiking across the country, Florida and Miami-Dade County and with several vaccines on the way, it is not the time to let down our guard, no matter how fatigued we are of abiding by restrictions. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to celebrate with friends and family but in the coronavirus context it is also an extremely dangerous chance to spread the virus to those who we love most, or get the virus ourselves. Remember to skip large family gatherings in favor of a small dinner with those you already live with and shop online to get all the goodies associated with the festivities. More than ever, it’s a good year to watch sports events, parades and movies from home this Thanksgiving.

If you do want to celebrate with people outside of the household, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends outdoor dinners, something possible for those in Miami-Dade but not in other parts of the country. It also says to avoid crowded parades or sporting events and avoiding large parties with people outside of your household.
Although the precautions suggested by the CDC have been politicized to a degree, every individual and family should look at their own situation and determine how to proceed safely. The CDC has already recommended against travel but cautions those who do to abide by the following: 
•    Check travel restrictions before you go.
•    Get your flu shot before you travel.
•    Always wear a mask in public settings, when using public transportation, and when around people who you don’t live with.
•    Stay at least 6 feet apart from anyone who does not live with you.
•    Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer.
•    Avoid touching your mask, eyes, nose, and mouth.
•    Bring extra supplies, such as masks and hand sanitizer.
•    Know when to delay your travel.

Miami-Dade County released a video reminder on how to approach the holiday and also has a page with tips on having a safe and happy Thanksgiving

Finally, once you have had your filling of Thanksgiving stuffing and decide to turn your attention to the other Thanksgiving holiday tradition – shopping – remember to avoid crowded stores, focus on online shopping and sit back and get some peaceful and safe rest from your living room where you can watch parades, sports and holiday movies. 

Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving from The Children’s Trust.