A group of friends smile in a circle.

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Kid’s-Eye View

Friends are the Family You Handpick!

How are friends different than anyone else?

Friends are not related to you but treat you like family. They are my family when I’m in school. 
Devon, 8

They kind of talk to you when nobody else wants to play with you. 
Milo, 9

How do you make sure that you are a good friend?

Take care of them, make sure if they are kind of sick to make sure they don’t eat something that will make them more sick. 
Billy, 9

Be nice and not being mean. I play with my friends and share my toys and snakes with them. 
Jeremiah, 7

What makes someone your best friend?

Because they share with me and work with me to draw pictures. 
Lyric, 5

I think you just bond if you see something and you like something that’s the same. 
Milo, 9

What is your favorite thing to do with your friend?

Going to the park together and playing at the park. 
Jeremiah, 7

Playdates and play something. 
James, 9

Produced in partnership with the Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida.