Smiling dad holding up daughter


Kid’s-Eye View

Three Cheers for Dads!

What makes a good father?

He shows you how to show love; he uses kind words, he shows compassion, he shows you how to be thankful and happy. He tells the truth and shows you how to help each other.
Isaiah, 9

He takes care of his children and makes sure they study good and get good grades.
Ivan, 9

What do fathers do that children like?

Take you fishing!
Lawrerre, 4

What can children do for their dads?

Always say thank you and please. I am thankful for what my dad does for me so that’s what I do.

Give him cake and a balloon!
Kran, 5

My dad is a barber and stands all day long, so I massage his feet.
Damierez, 8

Produced in partnership with the Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida.