Mother and daughter laying on the grass.


Kid’s-Eye View

Mother Love!

What do mothers do to make children happy?

My mother makes me happy when we go to the Miami Seaquarium. I see fish and sharks!
- Emillano, 6

They take you out when you’re bored and help you with stuff you don’t know.
- Tangie, 10

What makes a great mother?

Someone who helps you behave, do good in class and get an A.
- Elias, 7

A good mother makes you feel better when you’re sad.
- Leillani, 8

A good mother – or grandmother – gives you love. Every night my grandmother kisses us good night, hugs us and says, “I love you so much!”

What can a father do for a mother on Mother’s Day?

Fathers can help decorate pictures with little, shining hearts.
- Emillano

Clean up the house and her help with dinner.
- Leillani

Produced in partnership with the Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida.