K. Lori Hanson, Ph.D.

Chief Research, Evaluation and Strategic Planning Officer


Photo of K. Lori Hanson, Ph.D.

K. Lori Hanson, Ph.D., has led The Children’s Trust research and evaluation efforts since 2003. She oversees a team of talented professionals focused on ensuring key data and information are available to tell the story of The Trust’s investments and impact, as well as to inform policy decisions regarding children and families in the community. She is responsible for organizational strategic planning, community research regarding the needs and well-being of children, program evaluation of The Trust’s major service initiatives, and contract-level performance metrics that support continuous learning and program quality improvement.

Dr. Hanson earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Saint Louis University, completing her internship at the University of Miami’s Mailman Center for Child Development specializing in pediatric and child clinical populations. Prior to joining The Trust, Dr. Hanson served as a faculty member of the University of Miami School of Medicine, department of pediatrics, where she was a principal investigator and coordinator for multiple early intervention and maternal-child health studies and service programs.