Innovation Fund

New problems require new solutions. The world is changing right before our eyes and we need new people, groups and companies to tackle those problems with innovative solutions to complicated problems. Do you have what it takes to make a difference?

The Children's Trust is looking for community partners who will implement short-term innovative projects that address an existing community need. Responses to address COVID-19, racial inequity, and social injustice are encouraged.

Innovate projects must demonstrate how they will benefit children and families in Miami-Dade County. 

Release: February 2022

Information Session: February 27, 2022

Visit the Grant Opportunities page for details as they become available.


The Children’s Trust Innovation Fund has already resulted in numerous original and effective projects, including the following:


Miami Empathy Tech – Code Explorers
Highlighted at the United Nations General Assembly in 2019, the program combines empathy and technology to teach UN sustainable goals to children. Learn more here.

Disabilities Independence Group
The goal of the program is to integrate specially trained facility dogs into the child welfare and criminal justice system. After securing and training Pedro – a specially needs dog – the dog began working at Kristi House Children Advocacy Center and will become a model for future dogs at different centers.

Gen2050, Queen Bee Reading Innovation Grant
A program that focuses intensive learning activities for middle and high school students in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, STEM and environmental stewardship. Thanks to the Innovation Fund grant, students who passed the honey bee certification program spent a month learning to raise valuable queen bees with the help of a visiting scientist. Learn more here.

Homestead Christian Academy
Created a trauma-informed safe haven for children transitioning into the foster care system. Learn more here.

The Farm at Lotus House
In an 8X40 foot shipping container, Lotus Village Shelter created a hydroponic garden complete with software controlled climate controls able to grow fruits and vegetables 365 days a year. Kids help maintain the garden which has already grown 11,000 heads of lettuce and 760 pounds of vegetables that is consumed at the shelter. Read more here.