Esther Jacobo

State attorney designee for Miami-Dade County
Finance & Operations
By-Laws Committee
Photo of Esther Jacobo

Esther Jacobo is the chief of staff at the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office where she is responsible for communications, development of diversion projects and numerous operational responsibilities. Ms. Jacobo has dedicated her entire public service career to the safety and well-being of Florida's families and her community. In August 2013 Ms. Jacobo was appointed interim secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). Her efforts garnered strong support from the governor and legislature who approved a historic $31.9 million increase in the department's budget to support her reforms. Ms. Jacobo managed a $3 billion budget and close to 12,000 employees. Ms. Jacobo joined DCF in February 2008 and became regional managing director for DCF's Southern Region in 2011. Ms. Jacobo earned her law degree from St. Thomas University in 1992. That same year, Janet Reno appointed her as Miami-Dade assistant state attorney. She has litigated over 100 cases.

Effective date: February 23, 2015. Term: Appointed by virtue of her position.