Connect Miami - My Miami Story

Public Meeting

A continuation of Connect Miami is My Miami Story. We are inviting 10 members of The Children's Trust board to have a conversation about Why Miami.

More about My Miami Story
You and every other Miamian has a story … how you got here, why you stay, what you want for the future. When we have a chance to talk about our experiences in this town and hear others, we connect and learn about what matters to all of us. Here’s what we learned from My Miami Story conversations last year.

Since Hurricane Irma, we’ve seen neighbors come together, host community cookouts and volunteer their time to get Miami back on track. My Miami Story is an opportunity to share our stories and talk about our experiences, what we’ve learned and how we can strengthen and build a more resilient Greater Miami.

The Miami Foundation’s 50th anniversary year is about getting Miamians to take ownership issues they care about, whether it’s making sure our kids get a good education, finding a safe, affordable place to live, or landing a job that’s close to home. These conversations are about creating a space for you to link up with friends, old and new, who feel the same way (and maybe some who don’t). They’re about discovering how each of us can join the thousands of people making Miami-Dade County a better place to live for everyone.


Event Details

October 17, 2017 - 8:30am to 9:30am


Location Custom

La Boulangerie Boul'mich
1242 Coral Way
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