Ashna Paudel

Representative of the Miami-Dade Student Government Association
Program Services Committee
Photo of Ashna Paudel

Ambitious, determined, and compassionate are three words that portray the character of a young leader, Ashna Paudel. She is a rising 12th grade student attending School for Advanced Studies Kendall. She is also taking dual enrollment classes at Miami-Dade College to pursue her future career as a doctor. She demonstrates a strong work ethic and a deep commitment to academic excellence. 

Ms. Paudel displays remarkable character and integrity. She not only holds several positions in school clubs, but she also takes part in several extracurricular activities where she strives to help other people and make an impact in the world. Ms. Paudel is the MDCPS District Student Government Association President, a research intern at Florida International University, and a founder of Little Leaders of Tomorrow, an international organization focused on empowering young leaders to innovate, inspire, and influence. She hopes to help students across the world unpack their numerous capabilities and reach their fullest potential. 

Term will expire May 31, 2023