A happy family celebrating their children.


Answer 4 Questions, Be a Better Parent

Take our quick quiz to discover your parenting style and how your answers can help your approach. 

1. Lately, your little one’s bedtime routine has hit a roadblock. To get them back on track, you:
A. Rock them on your lap, rub their back and sing softly to them until they fall asleep.
B. Give them a pacifier, reposition their blanket and sneak out of the room.
C. Basically give up and bring them into your bed.
D. Sleepily tell your spouse that it’s their turn to get up.

2. You’re making your kids’ lunches, so you’re packing up:
A. All of their favorites, of course! 
B. Leftovers from last night’s dinner. 
C. Peanut butter and jelly.
D. They’re big enough… they can make their own lunches.

3. It’s your child’s birthday and to make the day special, you:
A. Throw a surprise party at the house, bake them a cake, create goody bags for their friends and give them a nice gift. 
B. Take them out to their favorite pizza parlor with the family and sing “Happy Birthday” as the waiter brings out a slice of cake with a candle. 
C. Treat them and their best friend to the movies, popcorn and soda.
D. Let them have a sleepover and leave the kids to their own devices.

4. Your grade-schooler is overloaded with assignments and starting to fall behind. You:
A. Call their teachers to address the issue, sit with them each evening and coach them through their work, and follow up regularly to make sure they’re on track.
B. Eliminate any distractions in their room so they can study in peace. 
C. Keep after them to do their homework. 
D. Put them on warning, then leave them alone.

Your Parenting Style
Total up the number of As, Bs, Cs or Ds you have to discover your child-rearing approach. 

Mostly As: Parenting Powerhouse
You literally do it all and always cater to your children’s needs and desires. But take care to avoid overextending yourself as a tendency to overdo can make for a major burnout. One way to head that off? Start drawing a line when it comes to your kids’ demands.

Mostly Bs: Parenting Pro
You strike a healthy balance between your children’s needs and yours by establishing boundaries, yet still remain flexible and open. You also keep your expectations realistic, which helps reduce stress. Looks like your “good enough” style is working great for you – and your family!

Mostly Cs: Parenting Panicker
You sometimes stand on shaky ground when it comes to your kids, because the lack of control you feel over every decision is putting you on a path to burnout. Proceed with caution and use what you’ve learned that works (and doesn’t) to regain your confidence.

Mostly Ds: Parenting Passive-ist
You’re burned out to the point of giving up, and in need of support… stat! Speak to your spouse, local clergy or a mental health counselor to help shore up your inner resources and get back on stable ground.