After-School Programs

After-School Programs

Conventional after-school programs that provide academic support, physical fitness and socio-emotional support.

Please note some of the sites listed here might not be fully operational. Please contact the programs directly to verify a site's status and available slots.

As families prepare to send their kids back to the classroom for the start of the school year, The Children’s Trust is committed to supporting the variety of needs they and their parents face so that they are put in the best position to succeed. The Trust invests heavily in programs that offer no and low-cost after-school programming to make sure kids are safe, engaged, learning and have the nutrition they need before returning home.  

Almost 27,000 children attended Trust-funded after-school, summer or youth enrichment programs in the last fiscal year.  

The Children’s Trust is also committed to inclusivity, working to ensure that special populations are always welcome in funded programs, including after-school. 

Much of Miami-Dade County’s population depends on after-school programs to provide safe haven, learning and social growth for youth. “The benefits of quality after-school programming are numerous. From academics to social development to mental health, after-school programs not only help in the growth of our children but keep them engaged in positive activities instead of doing something they shouldn’t,” said Rachel Spector, a Director of Programs for The Children's Trust. 

After-school options for older children are particularly important as teenagers and parents manage time and make sure to avoid troublesome situations. Bevone Ritchie, another Director of Programs at The Trust, reminds parents that after-school programs are safe outlets for older youth to speak with each other about what’s happening in their community, around the world and put their thoughts to productive use. “After-school programs that serve middle or high school students are a great place for students to express themselves, through activities such as dance, sports, music, spoken word, film production and more. They have a voice,” Ritchie said. “Because there is so much going on, having this additional outlet and support is a great resource for healthy development and their well-being."

Other after-school programs and resources: