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Produced by The Children's Trust, KidStats and Maps is a one-stop interactive online data analysis and mapping website where users can access and interact with a variety of geographically-based child well-being indicators within Miami-Dade County.

KidStats and Maps includes a dynamic mapping tool with more than 90 community indicators related to children and families that provides visualization of differences in indicator values across geographic areas and the ability to view comparisons of selected data through graphs, charts and profiles.

KidStats and Maps also contains a number of point datasets, known as community assets – such as The Children's Trust funded program sites, public and private schools, parks, community centers and cultural centers for users to locate and view on a map.

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For questions, please contact:
Darrin Buffkin

Community Indicators
& GIS Analyst
305-571-5700 ext. 505

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With KidStats and Maps, authorized users also have the ability to save maps and charts which are stored and can be retrieved in future sessions as well as the ability to upload point datasets to be mapped on the website.

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National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership
National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership
The Children's Trust is a local partner of The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP).

NNIP is a collaboration of the Urban Institute and local partners in 37 cities to further the development and use of neighborhood-level information systems for community building and local decision-making.