November 2015
Parenting Our Children
A Powerful Tool for Kids' Success
Every parent has the power to influence their child's future, and one of the best - and easiest - ways to do that is by making reading fun.
The American Academy of Pediatrics urges parents to read to their children starting at birth in order to pave the way for healthy brain development, positive emotional connections and improved language skills. Science supports that advice: a recently published study used brain scans to confirm that preschoolers who are read to regularly have significantly more activity in key areas of the brain than children whose parents rarely read to them. Read More
A is for Attitude
How to boost your child's confidence at school
By Heidi Smith Luedtke, Ph.D.
When we look at our children, we see possibilities and potential. We envision growth, learning and success. Even if kids are struggling with school, supportive parents see beyond that to a bright future ahead. We believe and expect our children will achieve.
Kids don't always see themselves the same way. Now that the school year is well underway, they may have encountered unexpected challenges or setbacks that shape their view of themselves. Certain subjects may be unexpectedly frustrating, causing a crisis in confidence. Being assigned to a lower-level reading group or getting a poor grade on a project can cause a lot of anxiety in kids. Since they don't have the long-term perspective of adults, children can't always see a way out of their current situation. Read More
The Building Blocks of Confidence

Some children love a challenge and are eager to stretch their abilities. Psychologists say a lot of that inner motivation develops through early experiences. Raising children who have a strong can-do attitude doesn't start when they enter school; it actually starts much sooner.
From their very early years, children form attitudes about learning that will last a lifetime. Experiences as early as infancy can make a difference, according to the National Association of School Psychologists. If babies have excitement or success in their early explorations, they will want more. With support and encouragement, they will become creative, adventurous learners throughout their lives. Read More 
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Healthy Mouthfuls
Keep kids from getting all choked up
Treats and traditional foods are a big part of family celebrations as we head into the holiday season. Many parents worry about maintaining a healthy diet this time of year, but it's even more important for them to be aware of a more serious food hazard - during the holidays and all year long.
Choking is a risk to all children, but it poses a particular danger for those under age 5. And while most people associate choking with young children putting toys and small items in their mouth, the majority of choking incidents actually involve food. Read More
Read to Learn
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