November 2014
Parenting Our Children
How to Keep Your Family Healthy
By KiKi Bochi

The illness grabbing all the headlines and media attention recently is Ebola. And while this virus that originated in Africa is indeed a serious worldwide health risk, experts remind parents it is also important to take steps against the routine illnesses in our own backyard. One of those illnesses is the influenza, also known as the flu.

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Discipline With Love
How can parents bring out the best in their child?

By KiKi Bochi


The last thing most parents want is to be told how to discipline their children.


But the case of Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings football star who was indicted after hitting his 4-year-old son with a switch, has generated a national discussion about the most effective ways to teach children to behave. Read More

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How to Raise Grateful Children

By Robyn Passante

We know Thanksgiving is about more than turkey and pie, but often in the rush to set a pretty table and buy the ingredients for the perfect meal we don't stop to make sure our kids know that, too. It's not until we're sitting down with family ready to dig in to the turkey that we think about offering a prayer of thanksgiving or talking about what we're thankful for this year. Read More 

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