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Core Contract

Forms for All Programs

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Complete Service Site List

To facilitate networking and service referrals, the Trust is making available a list of all 2016-17 program service sites with program contact information. It is organized by site ZIP code, initiative and then by agency name.
• Site List - Download (.xlsx, 12/2/16)
• Zip Code/Trust Area Map - Download (.pdf, 1/30/17)


Data Security for Personally Identifiable Information

Data security of personally identifiable information is critically important to the clients you serve and refers to the both paper and electronic records.


Insurance Requirements


Program Progress Metrics 


Reimbursement Notice
The Children's Trust uses the Miami-Dade County (County) mileage reimbursement rate for The Children's Trust related travel. As the County has tied the mileage reimbursement for the use of a personal vehicle to be equal to the standard federal rate, i.e. the U.S. General Services Administration federal mileage rate, please refer directly to the U.S. General Services Administration website for the most updated mileage reimbursement rate information.

Meals: The Children's Trust uses the federal reimbursement rates as a guideline for the cost per participant. For the 2016-2017 school year, the federal reimbursement rates for participants that qualify for a free meal are Breakfast: $1.71, Lunch: $3.16, and Snack: $0.86. The Children's Trust uses the reimbursement rate of $4.93 for dinner. Costs exceeding these guidelines will be reviewed during contract negotiations. (8/17/16)




  • Child Information Form: You may choose to use this form or your own organization's to collect participants' demographic data.
    English, Spanish, Creole (Rev 5/8/17) Updated!
  • Adult Information Form: You may choose to use this form or your own organization's to collect participants' demographic data.
    English, Spanish, Creole (Rev 5/8/17) Updated!
  • OPTIONAL Getting to Know Me Form: You may choose to use these forms to gather additional information about children and youth served with special needs. This information is intended to better serve participants and it does not get reported to The Trust.
    Child: English, Spanish, Creole (Rev 5/8/17) New!
    Youth: English (Rev 5/8/17) New!




Provider Marketing and Public Relations Requirements

  • Provider shall distribute a press release announcing that it has been awarded funding by The Children's Trust.
  • Provider shall, if it possesses the appropriate technology, provide a link between Provider's website and The Children's Trust website.
  • The Children's Trust Logo
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    Logos and Usage
    Providers shall include The Children's Trust logo and the following paragraph in all materials featuring programs funded by The Children's Trust, including but not limited to newsletters, press releases, brochures, flyers, homepage of websites (linking the logo to or any other materials for dissemination to the media or general public:

    The (insert program name) is funded by The Children's Trust. The Children's Trust is a dedicated source of revenue established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County.
    El (insert program name) está financiado por El Fidecomiso de los Niños (The Children's Trust). The Children's Trust es una fuente de financiación, creada por los votantes en referéndum para mejorar la vida de los niños y las familias en Miami-Dade.
    Se Children's Trust ki finanse (pwogram sa-a). Children's Trust se yon sous finansman elektè Miyami-Dade te kreye nan yon referandòm. Finansman sa a dedye pou pwogram k'ap amelyore lavi ti moun ak fanmi yo.

Note: In cases where funding by The Children's Trust represents only a percentage of a provider's overall funding, the above language can be altered to read "The (insert program name) is funded in part by The Children's Trust....".




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