Innovation Grants Bidders' Conference and Application Training

Bidders' Conference
Session to describe services sought through this solicitation.

Application Training
The objective of this training is to share information about this grant opportunity and answer questions from interested applicants. A general overview of the application process and system for this grant opportunity will be provided. The following topics will be discussed: 

  • Amount of funding available
  • Application review, selection and recommendation process
  • Application system navigation and instructions
  • Application sections in detail
  • Important dates for application
  • Question & answer process

The Children's Trust is looking to fund several community partners who have innovative ideas that address an existing community need. The Innovation Fund gives community partners an avenue to test new ideas that could lead to effective and equitable opportunities for vulnerable populations of children to thrive. By offering community partners the opportunity to identify an issue, develop a potential solution and implement a strategy, The Children’s Trust hopes to build on existing community assets, encourage collaboration and support the sustainability of successful projects.


Detay Evenman Yo

Fevriye 24, 2020 - 9:30am to 11:30am
Claudia Del Valle, Administrative Assistant



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Slots left: 1
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