Research & Evaluation

Sabrina Voltaire

Sabrina joined The Trust in June 2020. While in graduate school, she conducted research on family functioning, infant sleep and psychosocial development with an emphasis on community-based prevention and intervention programs that promote health and well-being in early childhood. She also collaborated on various projects designing early learning and school readiness programs. Additionally, Ms.

Christine Olmeda

Christine Olmeda joined The Children's Trust as a Research and Evaluation Analyst in 2019. She studied Chemical and Environmental Engineering at Penn State and worked as a process engineer before moving to South Sudan to work as a water engineer in partnership with local institutions. Observing the interconnectedness of community development initiatives across all sectors, she broadened her focus and obtained and Master of Arts in International Development from Eastern University.

Jennifer Ulysse

Jennifer Ulysse joined The Children’s Trust in 2019. Ms. Ulysse earned a Master of Public Health from Nova Southeastern University, with a special focus in Maternal/Child Health & Epidemiology.

Ashley Pugh

Ashley Pugh joined the Trust in 2019 as a Research and Evaluation Analyst for the Early Childhood Development initiative. Prior to joining The Trust, Ms. Pugh worked as Project Manager for an international development consulting firm, IOS Partners, working across Africa and the Caribbean, where she provided direct support to Governments. 

Destiny Westbrook

Destiny Westbrook joined The Children’s Trust in 2018.

Ms. Westbrook holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from the College of William and Mary, and a Master of public health degree from the University of Miami. She partnered with the University of Miami Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to complete her master’s research on rear seat belt usage and beliefs of importance among a sample of Miami residents. She also served as a peer research consultant for UM.

Teresa Cobb

Teresa Cobb joined The Children’s Trust in July 2008.

Ms. Cobb brings over ten years of experience with the SAMIS data system. She has earned an A.S. Degree in Paralegal Studies and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Strayer University. A firm believer in giving back to the community, she has worked as a volunteer at the Lupus Foundation of Florida as a support group facilitator and Lupus Ambassador.

Javier Vazquez

Javier Vazquez joined The Children’s Trust in November 2014 as a research and evaluation analyst dedicated to program evaluation and data analyses related to child, youth, and family services. His current role as data integrity analyst includes analyses of data across multiple sources with a focus on programmatic, research/evaluation and fiscal information to facilitate the decision-making process, in addition to the development of tools to capture and report key information to a variety of audiences.


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