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Diana Beltré

Diana Beltré is a program manager with over ten years of contract management experience. She has managed early childhood, after-school, parenting and research contracts. She is also the project lead for the Parent Club, among the newest initiatives of The Children’s Trust. Previously, she worked at Amigos For Kids as a program director overseeing the agency’s parenting and after-school programs. Ms.

Sasha (Oleksandra) Filippova

Sasha joined The Trust in 2019.  Mrs. Filippova brings four years of experience in data analytics and education to her role as a contract manager. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and holds a B.S. in Mathematics from South Carolina State University. She received a full scholarship to play division one tennis and worked as a research assistant for the Economics Department during her time at university.

Patricia Leal

Patricia joined The Trust in May 2007. Ms. Leal brings over 13 years of experience in education to her position of program coordinator. She worked previously as a program coordinator and curriculum specialist for Catholic Charities where she supervised two Head Start classrooms and 10 out-of-school classrooms. Her experience also includes classroom mentoring and providing training to teachers working in the early childhood field.

Ms. Leal holds a M.S. from Barry University (Early Childhood).

Ana D. Sanchez-Suris

Ana joined The Trust in November 2005. She brings over 20 years experience working in child and family services; homeless assistance; mental health and substance abuse services; and in housing, employment and youth advocacy services. 

Ms. Sanchez earned a M.A. (Urban Education) from Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH, and a B.A. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Bevone Ritchie

Bevone joined The Trust in December 2004. Ms. Ritchie brings over 16 years experience in the field of Early Care and Education, having worked for both public and private organizations. Her specialty areas include infant/toddler care, special needs, with extensive responsibility for providing quality child development environments. She began her career as a teacher and assumed supervisory and management positions in the Early Head Start programs in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County. 

Cravel Holmes

Cravel joined The Children's Trust in March 2006. Previously employed at ChildNet Services in Broward County, Mr. Holmes brings over 13 years experience working with youth programs, including foster care, residential juvenile justice and the Broward County Urban League. 

In May 2009, Mr. Holmes transitioned from the Starter Grant team, where he began with The Trust, to his current position with the Out-of-School team. 

Mr. Holmes earned his B.A. in Criminal Justice from Florida Metropolitan University in Pompano Beach.

Josefina Greene

Josefina joined The Trust in January 2007. Mrs. Greene brings over 10 years of experience in education to her position of program coordinator. She worked previously as a curriculum specialist for Catholic Charities where she supervised five out-of-school programs. Her experience also includes directing programs in abuse prevention education and working with individuals with autism. 

Mrs. Greene holds a B.A. in Psychology (Florida International University) and completed certification course work in Elementary Education also from FIU.

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