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The largest funder of after-school, youth enrichment and summer camp programs in Miami-Dade County, The Children’s Trust also offers a wide range of resources for pregnancy and parenting, health insurance access, quality early learning, health and nutrition, services for children with special needs and youth employment. Find what you’re looking for today with our online program directory.

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Positive Parenting Program
The ARC of South Florida

Serving families in Florida City and West Kendall, ARC's Positive Parenting program gifts parents and caregivers with the knowledge they need to help prevent behavioral, emotional and developmental problems in their children ages 2-12. Five group parenting sessions, three individual phone consultations and at least one community resource follow-up over an eight-week period from trained, accredited professionals empowers participants to make informed, healthy and effective parenting decisions. Groups run simultaneously in English and Spanish; structured child care services and nutritious family meals are provided on session nights.

Fax: 305.754.9223


777 W. Palm Dr.
Florida City, FL 33034
11025 SW 84th St.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33173
Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

The Arc of South Florida provides group parenting program services for at-risk families with children birth to 12 years of age who are experiencing early signs of problem behaviors and/or more likely to experience social, behavioral or health problems based on social, educational, economic or environmental factors. The program primarily serves children with disabilities and offers fitness, social skills, family engagement, academic support activities and a unique entrepreneurship program; also offers enrichment activities focusing on visual, performance and music arts. The parent group sessions are delivered in English and Spanish with child care and supper services provided during sessions to participating families.

Phone: 954.552.1868


11025 SW 84th St.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33173
20000 NW 47th Ave.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33055
3450 NW 199th St.
Miami Gardens, FL 33056
777 W. Palm Dr.
Florida City, FL 33034
Family Empowerment Parenting Program

FANM Family Empowerment Parenting Program, a community-based and culturally sensitive program for Haitian and immigrant families, provides effective education and support to encourage the healthy growth and development of parents and children. The program offers fun ways to improve communication, develop support systems and establish family rules. Through home visitation and workshops, positive parenting and self-nurturing is reinforced in both parents and children in the participants’ native language. Additionally, the program tackles ways to address their feelings of frustration around parenting expectations that differ from those they experienced in their native land. The 16-week program is administered year-round.

Phone: 305.570.6817


100 NE 84th St.
Miami, FL 33138
14500 NE 6th Ave.
North Miami, FL 33161
171 NE 166th St. Unit 185
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33162
4314 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
Nurturing Parenting Program
Family Central

This evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) for Miami-Dade County families who have or care for a child up to 11 years of age follows a psycho-educational model of family engagement done through home visits and/or group parenting education. Its purpose is to help families learn more nurturing ways of being a family and is structured with a culturally-sensitive curriculum that promotes positive parenting attitudes and behaviors; appropriate expectations of children’s behaviors; empathy; non-violent behavior management; appropriate family roles; and support of children’s power and independence. The program's experiential activities, parent homework, and family time for structured parent/child interactions, nurtures empathy; strengthens attachment; fosters effective communication; increases parental knowledge of child development; and empowers parents. Meals are served at these evening groups and child care is provided.


14465 SW 144th St.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33186
15000 Bay Vista Blvd.
North Miami, FL 33181
1521 NW 28th St.
Miami, FL 33142
1536 NE 179th St.
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
17101 NE 7th Ave.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33162
18600 W. Dixie Hwy
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33180
20770 NE 14th Ave.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33179
3275 NW 84th Ave.
Doral, FL 33122

FIU’s PAT4YOU program works with families using the Parents As Teachers curriculum, a comprehensive research-based and evidence-informed curriculum. PAT4YOU promotes school readiness for parents/caregivers with children from birth up to the 4 years of age. It focuses primarily on premature infants and/or military based, to strengthen protective factors and to ensure that young children are healthy, safe and ready to learn while increasing positive parenting skills. Home and/or natural environment visits, developmental screenings, group meetings and resource connections also make part of the program. Participants are expected to stay with the program for a minimum of 2 years with extended services provided depending on need and eligibility.


Triple P4YOU@FIU

FIU's TripleP4U program uses the Triple P (Power of Positive Parenting) Group Lifestyle curriculum, which is an intensive prevention/intervention program designed to target healthy eating patterns while increasing activity levels. The program arms parents/caregivers with education and behavior modification skills training aimed at the prevention and management of childhood obesity. It includes an intensive 14 session program which is delivered in ten (10) group sessions and four (4) individualized phone consultations or face to face sessions, focusing on nutrition, healthy lifestyles and general parenting strategies. The program is countywide and services parents/caregivers with children ages 5-10.


1210 SW 78th Ct.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33144
16341 SW 57th Ave.
Miami Gardens, FL 33014
17550 SW 137th Ave.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33177
17601 NW 78th Ave.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33015
17700 SW 280th St.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33031
18400 NW 75th Pl.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33015
18505 NW 75th Place
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33015
20200 SW 88th Ct.
Cutler Bay, FL 33189
5969 NW 151st St.
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
8567 NW 186th St.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33015
9853 SW 1st St.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33174
Lotus House Parenting Program
Sundari Foundation

The Sundari Foundation, Inc. provides parenting program services at Lotus House Women's Shelter for families living in the shelter. Target families have children under their care with one or more problems related to mental health issues, developmental delays, physical disabilities, vision, or hearing impairment, history of trauma, and chronic health diseases. The program offers a preventive parenting group session using a Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) and Triple P Stepping Stones to parents with children 0-12 year of age; and Parent or caregivers with children who have a disability from 0 to 12 years of age as well.

Phone: 786.352.1171


217 NW 15th St.
Miami, FL 33136
Nurturing Parenting and Fatherhood program
EnFamilia, Inc.

The Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) within south Miami-Dade County uses family engagement to provide direct services to all family members (children and parents) and help families learn more nurturing ways of being a family. The culturally sensitive curriculum promotes positive parenting attitudes and behaviors; appropriate expectations of children’s behaviors; empathy; non-violent behavior management; appropriate family roles; and support of children’s power and independence. The program's experiential activities, parent homework, and family time for structured parent/child interactions, nurtures empathy; strengthens attachment; fosters effective communication; increases parental knowledge of child development; and empowers parents. NFP provides direct services to fathers only, to enhance the growth and well-being of men as well as children (women who are part of the family unit). The Nurturing Fatherhood Programs (NFP) is structed to provide fathers with experiences that allow self-cognitive thinking and feelings, allow the opportunity to change parenting attitudes and behaviors. Program activities include parenting group sessions, child group sessions, and fatherhood group sessions. Meals are served at these evening groups and child care is provided as needed.

Phone: 305.637.3558
13600 SW 312th St.
Homestead, FL 33033
1550 SW 6th St.
Homestead, FL 33030
15790 SW 307th St.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33033
16085 SW 293rd Dr.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33033
18480 SW 304th St.
Homestead, FL 33030
29360 SW 158th Ct.
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33033
38000 SW 193rd Ave. Unit 3
Unincorp Miami-Dade, FL 33034
Positive Parenting Program (PPP)
Federation of Families, Miami-Dade Chapter Inc.

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is an effective evidence-based parenting program, backed by more than 35 years of ongoing research. Parents or caregivers who benefit from this program are those with children up to 12 years of age who are concerned about their child’s behavior. The program is designed to increase positive parent-child interactions while decreasing problem behaviors in children. During 10 one-on-one sessions, parents learn simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships and confidently manage their children’s behavior. Triple P is used in more than 30 countries and has been shown to work across cultures, socio-economic groups and in many kinds of family structures.

Phone: 786.802.3448


Le Jardin Parenting Program

Le Jardin Community Center provides a Parenting Program utilizing the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P), an accessible and highly successful program, and targets families who have children with challenging behaviors. The program draws on social learning, cognitive behavioral and development theory to give parents skills and confidence to be able to support and manage family challenges. The Le Jardin program is broken into groups established based on identified needs and challenges specific to participating parents. It targets pregnant mothers through Le Jardin's Prenatal Academy, fathers and father-figures through the Fatherhood Initiative and immigrant, homeless and working families through specialized services mainly in the homestead area of Miami Dade. The program coordinator provides specialized parenting training in a group setting and follows-up with individualized coaching sessions by telephone. All training is conducted in English and Spanish. Resources such as baby showers for pregnant mothers, Marlins tickets for fathers and theater tickets for two-parent families are donated by community partners. Le Jardin is focused on outcomes resulting in reducing children's problematic behavior, easing parental stress, enhancing parenting skills and improving positive parent/child interactions.

Phone: 305.348.3507


104 NW 12th St.
Homestead, FL 33030
107 SW 8th St.
Homestead, FL 33030
1465 N. Redland Rd.
Florida City, FL 33034