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The Children's Trust
3150 SW 3rd Avenue, 8th Floor Training Room

Bidders' Conference & Application Training for RFPs

Bidders' Conference
Session to describe programmatic aspects of available grant opportunities.

Application Training
The objective of this training is to share information about this grant opportunity and answer questions from interested applicants. A general overview of the application process and system for this grant opportunity will be provided. The following topics will be discussed: 

  • Amount of funding available
  • Application review, selection and recommendation process
  • Application system navigation and instructions
  • Application sections in detail
  • Important dates for application
  • Question & answer process

Florida KidCare Coalition of Miami-Dade County Meeting

The Florida KidCare Coalition of Miami-Dade County is comprised of more than 30 community members representing state and local agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, healthcare providers, businesses, faith-based organizations and other community-oriented entities. It works collaboratively to conduct more effective outreach for children and enroll more of them in Florida KidCare. Coalition members collaborate to plan programs and projects to educate the community, increase awareness, support local and statewide advocacy efforts for policy change, and improve outreach capabilities. An overarching goal of all the Coalition efforts is to provide advocates with a network for improving and providing a coordinated approach for application assistance and retention support for Florida KidCare to families in Miami-Dade.

Effective Literacy Instruction, Level 2

Project RISE

This workshop is designed to allow participants to practice applying the skills taught in the online prerequisite, including evidence-based strategies to improve reading skills (e.g., scaffolding), instruction techniques, and ways to increase youth engagement. Participants will earn a higher-level certificate and additional training hours in this topic area. Each program site must have designated staff attend each course within the LIT series. Online Effective Literacy Instruction meets the requirement for youth workers who are involved in the direct delivery of reading activities under the supervision of a Certified Teacher. All teachers responsible for literacy must attend the Differentiated Literacy Instruction training to meet the Trust requirement.

Prior to enrolling in this workshop, participants must complete and pass Effective Literacy Instruction online course.

Audience Demographics:
Youth workers who are involved in the direct delivery of reading activities under the supervision of a Certified Teacher.

To Register:
Project RISE requires that all attendees register online at before the day of the training.


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