Volume 13, Issue 12 * December 2013
Parenting Our Children - Teach More Love More
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Make Memories As You Celebrate The Season
The usual hype over the holidays revolves around gifts and toys, but smart parents know there is so much more to the season. Long after children forget about the stuff they received in wrapped packages this year, they will still remember the special moments you spent together. Read More
Joy to the World  

No matter what holidays you celebrate, start by eliminating stress

The pursuit of the perfect holiday often ends in seasonal stress as parents seek to juggle demands on their time and energy as well as financial and social obligations. Yet it is possible to reduce holiday frenzy and fatigue in order to savor the season's bliss. Experts suggest parents realign their expectations, prioritize activities and carve out time for themselves.

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Tis' the Season of Hope and Health

By Peter A. Gorski, M.D., M.P.A.

I love this holiday season. Giving takes social precedence over receiving, and we often reflect upon the essential grace that makes the human spirit unique. Those of us who share our lives with loved ones sense a deeper than usual level of joy and health in this season. And indeed, this feeling connects goodwill with good health. Read More 

Rules of the Game

Keep These Safety Guidelines in Mind When Buying Toys

Toys are like the tools of childhood. Selected wisely, they can help develop skills, expand the imagination, and provide hours of fun. When families purchase toys as gifts, they are usually thinking of the squeals of delight that will hopefully come when the item is unwrapped. But parents should also be thinking of safety. Read More 

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