Research & Evaluation

Grettel Suarez

Grettel Suarez joined the Trust in June 2013 as an analyst for Research and Evaluation's Parenting and Service Partnership initiatives. Her experience evaluating programs involving children and families include work as a research associate for the Center for Family Studies (CFS) at the University of Miami, Department of Psychiatry.

Prior to joining the University of Miami, she collaborated with the Child Anxiety and Phobia Program, conducting studies on the role of identity and attachment disorder in separation anxiety.

Darrin Buffkin, GISP

Darrin Buffkin joined The Trust in July 2007; he oversees all GIS-related mapping activities including managing The Children's Trust on-line interactive mapping tool where users can look up and explore data about children and families in Miami-Dade County through maps, tables and charts.

Marden F. Munoz

Marden joined The Trust in November 2004. She worked previously with the YMCA of Greater Miami for six years including work with finance and information systems, teen programs, and Florida Youth and Government programs. 

Ms. Munoz holds a B.A. from the University of Miami.

Maria-Paula García

Maria-Paula joined The Trust in December 2011. Previously she lived and worked in New York City where she evaluated early-intervention programs with the NYU Child and Family Policy Center and collaborated with the NYU Center for Research on Culture, Development and Education on a longitudinal study of multi-ethnic low-income families. Additionally, Ms. Garcia served at various organizations (HELP USA, Leake & Watts Services) assessing and counseling victims of domestic violence and adolescents with behavioral and psychological problems.

K. Lori Hanson, Ph.D.

K. Lori Hanson, Ph.D., joined The Children’s Trust in December 2003. She oversees a team of talented professionals focused on ensuring key data and information are available to inform policy decisions regarding children and families in the community. Her responsibilities include the implementation of organizational strategic planning, community research regarding the needs and well-being of children, program evaluation of The Trust’s major service initiatives, and contract-level performance metrics that support continuous learning and program quality improvement.


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