Information Technology

Christine Olmeda

Christine Olmeda joined The Children's Trust as a Research and Evaluation Analyst in 2019. She studied Chemical and Environmental Engineering at Penn State and worked as a process engineer before moving to South Sudan to work as a water engineer in partnership with local institutions. Observing the interconnectedness of community development initiatives across all sectors, she broadened her focus and obtained and Master of Arts in International Development from Eastern University.

Dane Minott

Dane Minott joined The Children’s Trust in October 2018.

With more than six years’ experience in software system testing and project management, Mr. Minott previously worked as a manager-analyst at Digicel Diaspora Telecommunications, and United Ship Service as a computer programmer.

Sheryl Borg

After more than 30 years as a data consumer, advocate and champion of transforming data into information at the University of Miami, Sheryl Borg joined The Children’s Trust in February 2018.

Ms. Borg previously led the UM Information Technology Decision Support team, where she was responsible for the design and support of business intelligence and reporting platforms. She has extensive experience building collaborative, cross-functional teams; conducting business process and systems analysis; and designing/delivering end user training to support innovative solutions.

Erik Pinzon

Erik joined The Trust in February 2004. With more than 23 years experience in systems design and development, Erik previously worked as a systems analyst for the Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resources Management, Florida's Department of Children and Families District 11 and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida. 

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